Monday, April 23, 2018

Black Panther #172 Review - Marvel Monday

God Is Dead

Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Artist: Leonard Kirk
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 18, 2018

Cover Price: $3.99

Ras the Exhorter convinced many Wakandan’s that their gods are dead. He has been promoting a new god named Sefako to take the place of the old gods Orisha.  Mystical portals have been opening up all over the country releasing the original inhabitants of Wakanda. 

These OG’s want to take Wakanda back of course. Ulysses Claw is also using these portals to disguise his theft of vibranium. Claw, to confuse T’challa also captured the King of Wakanda’s friend Asira. The Black Panther has been running around trying to stamp down these multiple brush fires that are trying to consume his country. He beats Claw and then goes after Ras the Exhorter only to find out its his friend Asira is behind the mask. He then is able to free Asira from the mind control only to find out the person behind the portals that have unleashed the old inhabitants of Wakanda is The Adversary. Who is a demonic supervillain that looks like a stereotypical old western Indian chief?  Whew, Wakanda forever.

We open to the moment The Adversary broke out the original inhabitants The Vanyan, The Anansi, and The Simi. Who was locked away by the Wakandan gods Orisha. Somehow The Advisory freed the OG’s and in doing so freed himself. Which brings us to the standoff he is having with Storm, Shuri, the sorcerer Zawavari, and the young heroes Asha and N’kano. The sorcerer tries binding The Adversary to no avail. The Adversary having fought against Storm before knows to take her out immediately because she is the biggest threat to him. So he buries Asha, N’kano, and Storm under a mountain of debris Triggering Storms Claustrophobia. 

With them buried Shuri and Zawavari have to battle alone but Zawavari appears to say fuck this and teleports out leaving Shuri the only one left to battle. Without fear, she throws herself into the fight, almost gleefully. 

Black Panther is miles away but closing fast in a Wakandan jet. He has set up and instructed his people all over the country to be on their knees and prepared to pray…it seems. But the plan also calls for Storm and she is buried and almost catatonic. Shuri continues to fight on. 

Under the hill, Asha tries to get Storm to pull it together as N’Kano holds the rocks up that threaten to crush them.

Shuri continues to battle on until it seems The Adversary is gaining the upper hand. The Adversary taking a moment to gloat gets blasted in the back by the newly arrived at the fight Black Panther in his Jet. The Adversary now pissed off hurls a large rock at the Wakandan jet. Black Panther leaps away from it throwing freeze bombs at the villain's feet. 
Zawavari makes a surprise reappearance, he brought with him more sorcerer brethren. Together they conjure up a portal to send The Adversary back to whence he came but the villain is not having it. The Adversary continues to fight on the edge of the portal.

Storm still having trouble battling her inner demons is still in fetal poison when T’challa commands his people to pray to Storm. The gift of belief is enough to power Storm out of her trance like state and it propels her out of the rock slide. Storm Blasts the Baddy sending him through the portal and trapping him on the other side.

Later that night Storm and Black Panther have a sit-down moment where Storm gives him that you son of a bitch stare. And T’challa confesses he always knew that Storm is a God. And we get a lovely moment where the two embrace kissing and making up. Which makes me happy cause I love Storm and T’challa together.

Bits and Pieces:

Coates has defiantly improved on his storytelling. I read the first three issues of his run on this title and it was not poorly written by any standards but the message that Coates was trying to convey was just slightly muddled and meandering. Having read this last arc I look forward to going back and giving the rest of this story a closer look.  I really have enjoyed Leonard Kirk’s art it reminds me of 90’s Green Arrow Art with its heavy shadowing and inking but with a much crisper coloring job over the top of it. I am really hyped to read Black Panther in Space next.


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