Friday, April 27, 2018

Gasolina #7 Review

The Art of the Deal 

Written by: Sean Mackiewicz
Art by: Niko Walter
Colors by: Matt Lopes
Letters by: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

With the first six issues of this series making up the first Image TPB volume this issue starts to branch out a little in terms of scope. Gasolina has always operated under the premise of a wide canvas. While we get small settings in most of the issues, there are always hints at a wider network outside Randy and Amalia’s sphere. This issue now begins to increase the linkages between Randy and Amalia and the wider world.

Before that though there is a focus on domestic affairs. They are still in charge of Quique and this guardianship is a dangerous task. We know what Quique has dwelling inside him (i.e. he has a flesh-eating monster living in his chest) and it has already been unleashed against Los Queridos. This knowledge creates a sense of unease, and both Randy and Amalia (the latter less obviously) fear for their safety around him, while acknowledging their care for him. This fear is significantly heightened when we discover the half eaten dog outside their accommodation.

Circumstances mean that necessary supplies must be obtained, and so Randy leaves Amalia to look after Quique, so that he can go get them. To do so Randy must re-establish old contacts and recommence a career in arms dealing as a means of getting supplies. This is the first issue where we get a clearer idea of Randy and Amalia’s past life and we can start to see that although these two are the “good guys”, they may not be angels either. They are starting to re-immerse themselves in their old life, and that extra dimension lends a bit of stretch to this issue. 

The Nico Walters art in this series is always very fine, but I have to say that in this particular issue I was really impressed by the delicate details. The characters are all drawn with such sensitivity and poise. It really is beautiful to look at. This is all boosted immeasurably by Lopes' color work in the book. It feels like each issue of this series has a very specific tone to it in terms of color choices. There is a perfect balance between the choice of colors in each issue and the story content.

Bits and Pieces

Yet again this book continues to tell its tale, slowly and at a stately pace, but without ever losing the reader’s attention. We know from past insights into the cartel structures and the policing apparatus in this series that there is a large canvas behind the story we are reading at any given time. That has just been made wider as this issue now connects Randy and Amalia’s past activities to that wider storytelling process. All combined with some wonderful artwork from start to finish. This issue was a top piece of work.


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