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Weapon H #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Hey Jerky

Writer: Greg PakArtist: Cory SmithPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: April 18, 2018Cover Price: $3.99Review by:   Dispatchdcu (click to read all his awesome reviews!)

Welcome to the Oblivion Bar where the first round is on me and the pretzels are free! Be warned: like the pickled eggs at the bar, this issue is going to get SPOILED rotten. 
Do you like action? Do you like fighting and monsters? How about Wendigo jerky? Well, that’s the entire issue for the most part. And by the mystic moons of Munnopor, it was fabulous! 

We open with a showdown between Weapon H and the Ur-Wendigo, which is basically a freakin’ huge Wendigo! Weapon H saves the women from the science crew by basically slicing and dicing the dang thing with his oversized, industrial, adamantium claws. 
Dr. Strange gets wind of this fight and tries to take the Wendigo down with a magic arrow but it doesn’t work. Turns out; when you eat Wendigo, you turn into asteroid-infused Wendigo! Weapon H is actually the one to figure this all out by using his sense of smell. He smells that the flesh the crewmen was eating was actually Wendigo and not human after all. 

Not only do we notice Weapon H’s sense of smell, his barbaric adamantium claws, but he also has the mixed healing factor of Wolverine and the strengthen of a Hulk with out the mindless rage. Sure, it looks like he can get angry but it doesn’t appear to drive Weapon H. 
So, we end the issue by having Weapon H grab a mystical axe from Dr. Strange and dive into the mouth of the overgrown Wendigo later to see him explode out of its stomach and to find out that the people at work at The Roxxon Corp, the ones creating Wendigos, also have alien squid people and machines working for them. Again, freakin’ awesome! 

Now by the hoary host of hoggoth, you honestly need to read this comic. I totally understand the hesitation. “It’s just a Hulk mixed with a Wolverine.... what’s the big deal? Stupid idea.” All I can say to the haters is: Read it! Then tell me what you think. Don’t knock it until you try it.
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Bits and Pieces:
We got the background of the character and pieces about his abilities along with personality traits sprinkled throughout the action. It’s really good writing and personally, I really feel you will enjoy it so much more than you think.

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