Friday, April 27, 2018

Ice Cream Man #4 Review

Don't Cry, Daddy

Written by: W Maxwell Prince
Art by Martin Morazzo / Chris O'Halloran
Publisher: Image
Release Date: 25 April 2018
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy  

The Ice Cream Man title has really delivered three fun issues so far. For me I would say that issue 3 was the highlight, with awesome cover art and a story that really appealed to my interest in classic rock n roll. Plus monsters. Let's see how issue 4 fares. Something tells me things are about to get pretty intense. 

This issue marks a changing point for this series. Up until now we have been given three relatively standalone issues, tied together with an overarching theme, and almost cameo appearances from the titular character. This issue makes an adjustment. Although the first part of the books suggests that it will be business as usual, there are two interesting departures. Firstly we see an interesting linkage to a metaphysical dimension with the Ice Cream terrors seemingly torturing a dead character in a form of hellish spiritual sphere. Secondly, the ending of this issue leaves us on a pretty clear cliffhanger suggesting that we are starting to enter into a linked narrative across two issues. 

In fact I think that we will start to realize that the earlier issues, while seeming standalone may actually have had little plot details sewn within them that will be unpicked in later issues. This intrigues me. Elsewhere though, what is most enjoyable about this series is the dark, crazy, black humor that pervades it. This is definitely a book for those who like their comics zany and deliciously creepy. That said this issue also has its touching moments and the core of the story about a musician that has died, estranged from both his best friend and his wayward father was actually quite poignant.

The sense of fun mixed with a monstrous sensibility, and a touch of warmth, is obviously assisted ably by the Martin Morazzo and Chris O'Halloran art team. The characters are very human and the emotions of the characters are really conveyed well by the art team, and I have to say I laugh out loud at some of the panels. 

Bits and pieces

This was another great issue of a fun series. This time round though there is a sense of an issue which is now starting to establish linkages with a broader piece of storytelling, and we seem to be getting a greater level of story continuation in a series that has consisted of (seemingly) standalone issues to date. The ending with the appearance of a tall dark stranger in a cowboy hat has me dying to see how things develop in this series. 


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