Friday, April 27, 2018

Cyber Force #2 Review

Cybernetic Thighs

Written by: Matt Hawkins / Bryan Edward Hill
Art and Cover Art by: Atilio Rojo
Letters by Troy Peteri
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 25 April 2018
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy

I was pretty impressed with the first issue of Cyber Force. While I hadn’t read the previous series of this book back in the day, I found that I was able to get to grips straight away with what was a well told, and well thought through opening issue. Let’s see if that continues with this second installment.

This second issue was actually a better outing that the first which was primarily an effective means of scene setting. This time round we open with some pretty dynamic art, as Carin starts to put her new abilities to the test. She is awed by the sheer strength and speed she now has. Stryker, her father, isn’t so sure. He knows that the abilities will come with a cost, and that his daughter simply hasn’t been presented with the invoice yet.

We also see the introduction of some evil forces at play. After all who doesn’t like to see some bad guys getting up to bad guy stuff.  We get a few pretty intriguing sequences as we see Killjoy, aka Amelia Le Febre, reanimate and then get whipped into shape by The Accuser. Throughout this we get glimpses into Amelia's past and are shown that she was a bank robber who was caught up in an accident post-heist. We are shown how she ended up with new abilities and the scene is set for a dark mirror image of Carin. 

The Atilio Rojo art this issue is a notch above that in the opening issue: as he is on art, colors and cover art he packs quite a punch and delivers high quality work in this issue. I have to say that I have looked at the art from the last series and given that Marc Silvestri was the cover artist for issue 1 my expectations upon reading that issue were that that style would be matched in the interior art. I think I have now become acclimatized to the art style of this new series and I’m now fully on board with its look. The opening pages on the athletics workout (above) were awesome and the closing images of a new addition to the character roster really made this book come alive.

Bits and pieces

While I enjoyed the first issue I think this is the one where the story starts to hit some proper acceleration and I think (or maybe hope) that this is a trend that will continue as the next few issues emerge. A really solid series and the first two issues have gotten this title off to a great start.

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