Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #3 Review

Call of Duty

Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Lan Medina, Norm Rapmund, Veronica Gandini and Simon Bowland
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 25, 2018

After a brutal clash between Mera and Ocean Master almost costs Mera her life, Tula suggests that the three of them work together to save Atlantis—and recruiting an army will require a united front. Can Mera and Orm be united by a common enemy? Or will their hatred of each other be their undoing? 

The issue opens with another flashback with the narration that has been killing the momentum for me since this series began.  The scene itself is okay, showing Mera's first battle in Xebel.  It's about duty, responsibility and making the tough choices a leader must make.

Back in the present, it seems that the arrival of Orm's surface family is the only thing that saves Mera (I still don't know how they drove from Louisiana to Amnesty Bay that fast!), but can they save Orm?  I know that sounds like a tagline for a Lifetime Movie, but it fits.  After they question Orm's love for them, everything calms down, Tommy plays with Salty and Erin, Mera and Orm get to know each other.

Dan Abnett continues the overall themes of duty and honor as Orm says he has to save the Throne of Atlantis (I did that on purpose), but really has no plan after that.  After Erin throws her coffee (nice manners!), we get another retelling of Mera going against her duty by not killing Aquaman and somehow Orm uses this as a way to prove what he's doing is right.  He does kind of twist it as a matter of global importance and Erin seems on board, but she wants him to join with Mera.  So do I!  Just do it Orm!!!

We continue with Orm talking to Tula about some desperate measures and after saying goodbye to Tommy and Eric, Ocean Master and Mera head off to Xebel.  I guess Mera can breathe underwater again!  The issue then ends with a bit of a battle and a crazy reunion.  Things look like they are going to get worse before they get better!

This issue has the same problems as the first two...some over narration that repeats it's points and a very slow overall pace.  You know what else it has?  Ocean Master!  I love Orm so much and have enjoyed having him back.  Seeing his soft side is an added bonus!  Yea, I hope that things pick up, but the fact that this story is tied in with the Aquaman ongoing may make that harder than usual.  By the way, I also love Mera too!

Another good thing about this issue is the art.  It looks fantastic and kudos go to the entire art team.  The character work is the highlight and Lan Medina and company really draw a kick-ass Mera!

Bits and Pieces:

This series has a few things against it, but one huge thing for it...Ocean Master!  I love Orm and every panel with him in it makes me smile.  I also love Mera and the two together are solid gold.  If only this book could ditch the over narration and slow pacing, it could turn into something special and unique in its own right.  As it is now, it is just good.  Believe me, though, I'll take "just good" any day.


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