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Daredevil #603 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Charles SouleArtist: Mike HendersonPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: May 30, 2018Cover Price: $3.99Review by: Dispatchdcu (read all his awesome reviews!)

If you haven’t been following along at home, here is a quick recap of what’s been happening in Daredevil. The Hand has taken over NYC and the Beast, a demonic leader of the Hand, is also here. No one entirely knows why the Beast wants NYC... but he does. Kingpin was Mayor BUT the Hand gunned him down leaving the Deputy Mayor Matt Murdock in charge. Fisk is still alive but in a coma. So, Matt has been trying his best to piece NYC together as the new Mayor AND as Daredevil... of course with the help of his New Deputy Mayor Foggy.
This issue opens with a character we haven’t seen for a long time, Elektra Natchios. She’s driving her motorcycle out of NYC. But as much as she tries to escape, the Hand is there to fight her every step of the way. As soon as she finds herself cornered; Daredevil pops out to help her. She explains to him that she’s getting out of dodge but Matt basically bribes her to stay and help by telling her he knows who took control of her mind and almost drove her insane..... WAY BACK in Daredevil 6 and 7. She agrees to stick around and help out but you can tell she’s pissed.

Next up, Matt as the new Mayor decides to release Black Cat, Hammerhead, and Owlsey from prison in order to help patrol the streets and protect their corners of the city from the Hand. No strings for these mob bosses. Just protect their part of the city and they’re free. So, of course, they agree. Who wouldn’t? Basically, Daredevil is trying to make his own army to fight the Hand.... at least that’s where I see this going because he even makes reference to the heroes like Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Moon Knight, Blindspot, and the rest helping to patrol along with Electra, and now some crime bosses too.

The Beast literally burps, no lie, and lets out this huge disgusting green fog that emanates around all of NYC causing people to pass out. I don’t think anyone dies from it but it’s implied that it’s probably poisonous. I personally thought this part was lame. A poisonous mouth fart? Really?

Matt, on the roof with Foggy and Blindspot, smells this aroma of disgusting Battery Acid and loneliness and passes out before it even gets to them. Foggy takes him down to his office comparing him to a canary in a coal mine, which is why they were all able to escape the poisonous gas before it was too late. But as the issue ends, someone in a gas mask and suit comes approaching the Mayor’s office from outside. He shows them something and Foggy tells them to let the man in. It turns out to be Father Jordan, who works for the Ordo Draconum and also happens to know Daredevils secret identity. I don’t know Jack on this guy.... sorry. 

This issue isn’t terrible but here is my problem.; the arc is dragging on now. I feel like it’s been longer than 8 issues of this. It’s got to be if it’s not already... and it’s still going. It’s not awful but I feel like it’s stalling out. We get it. The Hand has taken over NYC, Daredevil is the Mayor, and he’s forming an army to fight the Hand. So, let’s get to the fight and wrap this story up already. Soule is trying to do what every writer has been doing at Marvel so far; he’s trying to close down his amazing run by incorporating as many elements of HIS run as possible. Honestly, that’s pretty cool and I truly respect that. But, this is taking a long time now. I want to see this through BUT if the story doesn’t wrap up soon, it’s going to slide farther down my pull list until eventually, I’m reading these last couple issues right before Daredevil “Fresh 


This happens from time to time. It’s not necessarily “what have you done for me lately?”, but when a writer doesn’t check all the boxes each issue, the book begins to get stale. Every writer goes through this at some point. This doesn’t make Soule a bad writer by any stretch. He is an amazing writer. I just think he has a book count before he’s done and has it mapped out to end how he wants... but he doesn’t want to have some rando issue at the end. So, he’s spacing it out. Whether a writer is ending a run or beginning a new arc, this happens at times and can be a downer to those dedicated readers. I didn’t look at solicits to figure out when his run ends but it’s got to be soon. 

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Bits and Pieces:

I hope this next issue is back to the great Soule-man I’ve grown to love reading. 


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