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Lockjaw #4 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Daniel KibblesmithArtist: Carlos VillaPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: May 30, 2018Cover Price: $3.99Review by: Dispatchdcu (check out all his awesome reviews!)

So, what’s next on this Lockjaw magical mystery tour? Well, let me start by telling you that you his book has had its ups and downs but this issue was pretty dang good. For those who haven’t been following along, here is the rundown. Lockjaw has been following signals to find his long-lost siblings. He already found two of them, especially one who is a scientist named Doc Jaw. She’s actually the one who sent out the signals for Lockjaw to follow. Well, the last sibling of his is trapped with Annilihus and it’s time to go get him! 

We open in Lockjaws dream looking at a puppy being taken away. We then skip to another part of Lockjaws dream with his mother strapped to a table and being exposed to the Terrigan Mist while being pregnant. While in his mother, Lockjaw developed not only the ability to teleport wherever but to also understand humans, other beings, and even emotions.... you name it. Point is: he understood that his siblings were in danger so he teleported them to other worlds and realities to keep them safe. Afterward, he teleported back to see his mother. And yes, this was all while in his mother’s belly. I know... nuts!

Now, once Lockjaw wakes up from his dream in which is sister Doc Jaw put them in, D-man and Lockjaw teleport to the Negative Zone to go get his sibling from Annilihus. Annilihus found Lockjaws brother and tried to activate his teleportation that was dormant in his genes. However, it wasn’t working. So, Lockjaw charges at Annilihus fighting him and teleporting simultaneously from one place to another. 

First, Annilihus and Lockjaw land in Asgard fighting in front of Odin. While they are gone, D-man uses his inhaler he receives from Lockjaw’s sister (Doc Jaw), who’s a super smart science dog that originally sent them on this journey in the first place. It turns out, the inhaler changed D-man into a large Dragon Man. When Lockjaw teleported back to the Negative Zone with Annilihus, D-man was waiting to drop the hammer and help out his buddy.

Next, Lockjaw teleports Annilihus, Dragon-man, and himself to the place between worlds which is the current home of Franklin and Valeria Richards. This part I LOVED!!! This was an amazing throw in that upped my score all by itself is a Hickman FF fan. From there, Lockjaw takes them to the Ultimate universe where they bump into Giant-Man, then to Duck World, next to “redacted” AKA the DCU, and then back in time to Marvel Legacy, which is from the original Avengers of millions of years ago. This pit stop doesn’t last long because Lockjaw knocks Annilihus into the mouth of a Killer Shark after he threatens to destroy the future through the past. I doubt it with the OG Avengers waiting there for him anyway. Lockjaw then teleports himself, his brother, and D-man back to their present in Brooklyn where the story all began. 

D-man was lost, lonely, and didn’t know where to go and what to do as the story opened. And often times, from experience, all it takes is a friend to fix all of that. Lockjaw not only helped out his siblings to find homes and make sure they were all ok but he also set up D-man as the new owner of his brother he just saved from Annilihus and showed him that sometimes friends can come in all shapes, sizes, and even breeds. But what D-man didn’t realize was that he was never alone. His sister was worried sick and now they are the proud owners of a new pup. Lockjaw smiles and teleports away back to Black Bolt and the Inhumans to take a nap. All in s days work for that pooch.

Lockjaw is by far the best cartoon Super Hero Animal ever. He’s better than Krypto, Ace, Jumpa, Wonder Dog, Underdog, Streaky, Lockheed, frog Thor, or even Snarf and Battle Cat. Hands down! I could go on but my point is that Lockjaw is an animal that basically feels human with the best power ever. He has the ability to teleport through time and to go to any reality. Lockjaw is sweet, kind, and was the only one able to be around Black Bolt as a baby. He would physically teleport into his chamber to be with a lonely little boy with special abilities. That shows great character for any hero, human or animal alike.

He’s a hero, a service dog, and has helped to save the world numerous times. He’s tangled with Thanos and lived to tell the “tail” and saved his own family from the womb! Find me a better dog. Find me a better Super animal especially one whose heart and compassion is stronger than most humans. My boys have read every single comic they can get their hands on with Lockjaw in it and desperately want a bulldog named Lockjaw, even after I told them they can’t all teleport. Still, they want one.... technically 3. 

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Bits and Pieces:
Anyway, the series was great especially this last issue. Again, it had its ups and downs mainly because I didn’t know where it was going. This is an example as to why you sometimes need to stick through a series to the end. If I didn’t, I never would have gotten to this amazing issue. Pick up the entire series and feel free to read it with your kids. They will love it too. How many books can you and your littlest both read and enjoy? Trust me and go for it! I have no doubt you will love it! 


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