Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ghostbusters: Crossing Over #2 Review

Writer: Erik Burnham
Art: Dan Schoening
Colours: Luis Antonio Delgardo
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Published By IDW
Cover Price: 3.99
Reviewed by Wheezy

This issue keeps the humorous tone of the book going along with the mysticism we expect from the Ghostbusters it also starts to delve into some of the previous continuity so the confusion on my part got ramped up along with the stakes of the Ghostbusters mission.

As per the previous issue, we have the summary page of what has happened before with the cast of characters involved. It wasn’t so much necessary this time but it is still good to see you could jump on this at any point and not be too lost. We open with the Winston, Ray and Egon lecturing Ron and Jillian on the misuse of interdimensional travel (like that need explaining, but if you ever find yourself looking at a stargate like portal, just back away). It is here we learn of Jillian’s desire to reach other dimensions a she herself feels like an outsider and the only time she felt like she belonged was with her own set of Ghostbusters, I guess this is enough motivation to try and wreck space/time!

To be fair I don’t begrudge this that much, it kind of taps into the essence of being a Ghostbuster and what Ghostbusters is all about, a bunch of misfits who don’t belong, trying to better the world through science, this is relayed through sharp dialogue and comedic banter making sure the whys and wherefores are not taking too seriously. The issue switches to Janine having a coffee with a Ghost in the hospital where Peter is in a coma, yes Peter is still alive just in case you were worried. I was getting a bit lost in this sequence in all honesty, the Ghost was the previous post holder for Janine's new job. While the Ghost (Jenny Moran, who is dating Ray, just go with it) and Janine are discussing the role she gets pulled into the mind of Peter and the meat of the issue is here.

An entity has been sent to Peter, while unconscious to warn him off the Ghostbusters progressing with interdimensional travel, Jenny and Peter both raise their suspicions in this being a fake ploy to get the Ghostbuster to look further but it seem to be brushed off as Peter wakes up in the hospital. As this had been happening Egon and Jillian took the time to explore what had gone wrong in the ECU and it has transpired that certain paranormal figures had escaped into other dimensions and to rectify this they would enlist in the help of all the other Ghostbusters across the multiverse.

Again I had no real problem with the art, just making the transition from a ‘typical’ superhero book could be a bit difficult but once the rhythm of the issue starts the concerns I have with the art disappear. The dialogue is good to great and the banter certainly reminds me of the spirit of the old Keith Giffen/JM De Matteis JLI run. The colors, just like the last issue pop off the page, even in the dark parts of Peters mind, it was still energetic.

Once again I enjoyed this issue and I am still intrigued as to where this will go. The general plot/concept is fine, adding all those alternate Ghostbusters, while it excites me, I only hope the cast doesn’t get too bloated. My only real problem is the subplot of Janine and the job offer, I guess this one is my ignorance I could go back and fine more about Jenny Moran and how the relationship with Ray began, but maybe a one line somewhere would resolve this for me.
Bits and Pieces:
It's not a huge problem just a minor one, the fact that the issue ends with another profile of alternate Ghostbusters could be grounds to delve into the lore a bit more and maybe a sign of who will feature in the coming issues. Another solid outing in this series, looking forward to the 3rd instalment.


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