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Marvel Two-In-One #6 Review - Marvel Monday


Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Jim Cheung
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 30, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Dispatchdcu (Check out all of his awesome reviews)

So, it feels like it’s been awhile but in case you forget, Ben and Johnny went across the multiverse looking for Reed, Susan, and the kids. Now, Ben “thinks” they’re dead but didn’t have the heart to tell Johnny that. So, with the help of Rachna, there new “brain”, they traveled to a universe where Doom took over as Galactus and devoured the universe (except for Earth) in order to find their Reed and Suzie.
In this universe, Reed is a depressed mess, Ben Grimm was dead, Johnny was in a hospital bed for some reason, and Susan doesn’t even talk to Reed anymore. When the last issue ended, Doom-Galactus was waiting over Earth to feed on it. 

This issue picks up with our Earth Doom (who hitched a ride with Ben, Johnny, and Rachna) working with this universes Reed on a plan to stop Doom-Galactus. It’s a pretty creative plan. Susan gets the entire fleet of Earth Space crafts to attack Doom-Galactus while our Ben, Johnny, and Doom sneak up behind Doom-Galactus (DG). There Reed shoots our Ben with Pym particles making him the size of DG and there Susan puts her force shield around him. Ben clobbers him good for a bit to keep him busy while our Doom and Johnny take out the mechanical Doom Surfers. 

There Johnny Storm wakes up and flies up to space to fight Doom-Galactus but what we later find out is that this Johnny Storm took some of the power from Silver Surfer, which was the Power Cosmic. So, his flame is just as powerful as the sun and he helps the crew by firing on DG after Ben shrinks down from the Pym particles. This is also why their Johnny was in a hospital. I “think” they put him in a coma so his powers wouldn’t go off and hurt anyone. Needless to say, he lets loose on DG while our Doom and Johnny go into the spaceship that Emma Frost is on.

The plan was to keep Doom-Galactus busy long enough and to have Cosmic Johnny feed him so his hunger would be stopped for a bit. This would buy them enough time for Emma to shoot Doom-Galactus with an energy blast and swap minds with DG putting her mind in his and vice versa. But our Doom kind of had other plans. I “think” he was going to swap his brain with Doom-Galactus and take that power for himself. But our Johnny talks some sense into him and Emma is the one to swap minds. But before she swapped minds with DG, Reed planted a “Trojan Horse” into her mind to do the opposite of killing worlds. She will take the power Doom-Galactus creates and literally explode it out all across the universe creating planets and life.

Our Doom holds Emma’s body after she swapped minds to see their Doom talking to him. There Doom was saying that he’s seen it all. He’s seen that the Fantastic Four always win and always find a way and that Doom is always a villain. I loved that part! Then later, we see the people on Earth standing by a grave labeled Galen. Turns out, when their Doom did this very thing back in 2005, Galen (Galactus) swapped minds and went into their Dooms body. He was so overcome with grieve after destroying so much life, that he basically died in pain and sorrow. They buried him there on Earth. 

Johnny gave Norrin, the Silver Surfer, back his Power Cosmic so he could go be with Emma Frost ( his love) in space helping to repopulate the universe and their Reed talks to Ben saying that he knows that his Reed and Sue aren’t alive. Their Reed tried to look for their signatures and couldn’t find them anywhere in the universe. So, he doesn’t know what our Ben is doing and he thinks Rachna has another motive that he can’t figure out.

Zdarsky has been killing it with Marvel 2 in 1. This story checks all the boxes. It has fantastic art. It has creative storytelling. It has a cohesive story from start to finish. It’s complex but easy to follow. You can tell it was planned out before it was written with a beginning, middle, and end. And, it's giving us a Fantastic Four book without giving us our Fantastic Four. This is so well done and will no doubt be a trade on my shelf when this is all said and done right beside Hickman’s run. 

Now, I know we are getting FF back but I would love to still keep this book. I don’t know how but I would love to have my cake and eat it too. Zdarsky has been giving us an amazing story that I don’t want to see go. I don’t think we get FF until August so hopefully, we can squeeze in some amazing issues before time runs out. 

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Bits and Pieces:

Pick this issue up but make sure to read the arc first. With Thanos done, I think this may be top dog in my pull list. 


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