Saturday, June 9, 2018

DEMI-GOD #2 Review

With Great Power Comes... an Xtreme Mini-Beard
Writer: Ron MarzArtist: Andy SmithPublisher: IDW PublishingRelease Date: June 6, 2018Review by: PaulyP

Millennial slacker and all-around loser Jason McAndros was your typical 50-pound weakling who got sand kicked in his face by bullies all his life... until he touched a magical bat that somehow gave him strength, invulnerability, and cool beard from 1997. Will he use his newly found powers to help the helpless and protect the weak? Let’s dive and see.

We start with a recap page, which catches you up to speed: all around scrawny loser Jason touches a baseball bat that belonged to Babe Ruth, now he’s all beardy and buff and is quite fond of showing off in front of the girl who wouldn’t talk to him before he went all buff became all that (and a bag of flamin’ hot Cheetos): Daphne. It’s also mentioned in passing (one sentence) his friend tragically dies last issue. Seems like that would get more play- in fact, Jason talks more about his dislike for egg salad than his dead friend. Egg-celent!

Jason puts down Cerberus the three-headed dog, dispatches A bald, yellow Hera and her army of green foot soldiers without ruining his hair before the good old NYPD show up and like a gentleman cooperates after they arrest Daphne for... something? It’s never quite specified.

An evil businessman also gets involved in the plan to bring down Jason, there’s another mysterious bald buff Xtreme metahuman and Lord Insidious who looks like a giant sparky robot with blunt teeth. We end with an odd breaking of the fourth wall, basically telling us exciting things will be happening soon.

Bits and Pieces:

My dad always said that if any girl only likes you when you’re rich and/or hot, dump her because she’s trouble. So listen up Jason!  I don’t get this book. It’s not a straight capes and tights super book, but not enough satire to be an effective satire. I can’t figure out if I’m supposed to sympathize with loser Jason or be impressed by circa 1997 bodybuilder Xtreme Sugar Ray Jason not, but it’s hard to root for such an Xtreme douchebag. He’s completely unlikeable and unless they can redeem him pretty quick no one's going to care what happens to him. Art is okay, not stellar but does the job. All in all pretty average stuff.

5.8 /10


  1. Issue one didn’t impress me enough to buy issue two. It was way to short for the money. Glad to see I made the right choice

  2. My god he looks like a direct and unironic parody of Marz's DC work. Hmmmm, maybe he's gone meta too.