Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Green Arrow #41 Review

Die Green

Written by: Mairghread Scott
Art by: Mathew Clark, Sean Parsons, Jason Wright and Deron Bennett
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 6, 2018

Mairghread Scott jumps on Green Arrow this month and while I was really looking forward to starting the Benson's run, I'll keep an open mind going in here.  It is a bit odd though that after such a lengthy run by Ben Percy, we've been playing musical creative teams here (including the Benson's on last week's Annual), but again, as long as we get quality stories, I'm down.  So, was this a quality story and am I remaining down?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with a bit of a "This is Oliver Queen/Green Arrow" page that seems more there for Scott to show us that she knows the character more than to teach the reader anything new.  That's a good thing because there really is nothing new to see here.  

We continue towards the gist of the issue (and two-issue arc) when Ollie, on orders from the Justice League goes to ride shotgun for a prisoner transfer.  It's no ordinary transfer,'s Parasite.

I love Parasite and we really haven't got a lot of him since the New 52 and because of that, Scott really stresses this version (Joshua Michael Allen) can absorb superpowers.  It comes in handy later in the issue, but the multiple times it's brought up get to be a little too much and pulled me out of the issue.

That's for later, though, as we get hints that he hasn't been treated well lately as he is taken to his hearing and then back to his prison cell.  Before he gets there, however, Mammoth spits on him and it's game on!  Not since Keith Hernandez spit on Kramer and Newman has a loogie caused so much trouble!

The rest of the issue is basically Ollie fighting off prisoner after prisoner and while they are a colorful bunch (Count Vertigo in the house among others!), it goes on a bit too long and ends up feeling really padded out.  Plus, I am not sure that Ollie didn't kill a bunch of them.

It all leads to a cliffhanger that isn't a surprise reveal or much of anything...just a promise of more Green Arrow vs Parasite which sadly, I've had enough of already.

This is a cookie cutter, generic issue of Green Arrow.  While it is non-stop action, it manages to be pretty boring and there was nothing here that has me the tiniest bit excited for next issue.  It feels like a throwaway and even when Scott tries to tie the reader in with Green Arrow staples like trick arrows, they are clever or fun so why even bother?  My advice is to skip this and wait until the Bensons start up their run in August.

I did like what Mathew Clark and the art team gives us in this issue.  It had a classic look to it at times with some cool target panel backgrounds and such.  I even liked the armored look to Oliver's outfit as well especially as it fits the mission at hand.

Bits and Pieces:

This is just a generic placeholder until the Bensons take over the book in August.  While the art was good, there was nothing here that felt fresh and even though there is plenty of action, the overall feeling I had reading it was boredom.  Unless you are collecting this entire Rebirth run, you can skip this entirely.


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