Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Crow: Memento Mori #2 Review

Story: Roberto Recchioni
Art: Werther Dell’Ederia
Colors: Giovanna Niro
Letters: Giovanni Marinovich
Published By IDW
Cover Price 3.99
Reviewed by Wheezy

Back Up – Nevermore
Story, Art: Davide Furno

Going off the last issues ‘cliffhanger’ we pick up right where we left off with the Davis Amadio continuing his quest for vengeance I liked this issue more than the last as there was some backstory which engaged me more emotionally and the issue itself was a bit more innovative.

We realize that the explosion did not kill David and the radio announcement indicates that it may have been a gas leak, but the alternative view is that Rome is under terror attacks. I wasn’t sure if this was too close to real life and the book should tread lightly, but after some thought I think its place in there to play the audience’s existing fear/paranoia, I guess some out there may find this is in bad taste but it is only a passing comment that gives the suggestion of all not being well.

After these announcements we see our hero (maybe?) eviscerated from the waist down in a panel that leaves nothing uncensored, it is not overly gruesome, just the ‘matter of fact’ attitude of pulling himself together is a bit unnerving. We then proceed to have the flashback of his life, through a very satirical Netflix style TV listing 16 episodes long (one for each year of his life) and throughout we get the commentary in style of episode 1 etc. I really enjoyed this part, so often in comics, we get a flashback of washed out colors with a dialogue box hanging around, I appreciate there are only so many ways to do this so kudos should be given to Recchioni and Dell’Ederia for this.

We learn of David interest in Sarah since they were 10, and it looks like Father Raphael is maniacal religious zealot administering punishment where needed and training the altar boys to be in the legion of Christ. The biblical panels really show some strong artwork and definitely give an epic sense of grandeur when David is thinking back to those times.
I will take the time to mention the back up, it would appear that this is another dark story regarding suicide/mental illness, the grainy art I didn’t enjoy and the short format left me more bemused than curious, granted I didn’t give the same attention to this as the actual issue but that should be given as this is a backup, not the worst one I have ever read but didn’t really add any value other than it kept the continuity of the bleak tone of the comic.

Bits and Pieces:
The issue ends more a less where it started, and this is one of the few times where I don’t really mind, he is putting himself together with sticky tape while plotting his revenge with the symbol of the crow across his face. I felt this was a more robust outing than the first issue, it feels like there is a deeper meaning in this, whether that is produced throughout the series we will have to see, but from the terror element to the religious fanaticism and the mysticism of our character the, the angel of revenge, this book looks to be in good shape.


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