Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Catwoman #1 Review

Copycat Killer

Writer: Joelle Jones
Artist: Joelle Jones
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: July 4, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

I am a Catwoman fan, so getting a solo book back makes me so happy!  Yea, it's on the heels of one of my least favorite books out there and will probably be affected by the whole wedding controversy, but who cares...I get a Catwoman solo book again!!!  Yea, I am a selfish man.  Was it good?  Let's find out...

We pick up weeks from the wedding night and Selena is seemingly back to her seedy ways.  Gambling the night (and day) away...but also doing something a bit darker.

Yea, Joelle Jones throws us right into a mystery that is called "Copycats" for a reason.  I really liked how Jones gets the reader up to speed right out of the gate as to Selina's identities being known and that the police aren't really on friendly terms with her, no matter how long she's hung out with the Bat.

We continue with an extended chase scene with Selena showing how awesome she is with the police in hot pursuit.  The bigger panels that Jones uses here really make it move quick and of course, Selena gets away.

While this is going on, we get a side story with Raina, Governor Creel's wife, who is way more than she puts on (or way less?!?) and appears to be behind Selina's new troubles.  It's a quick in and out scene, but is very intriguing and a bit disgusting.

We follow Selina home and meet some possible side characters and then continue with Selina getting...and reacting to a package she received.  After all this wedding hubbub, I'm not so sure this isn't Jones acting out a bit through her lead here.

This issue ends with Catwoman on the powl, an impromptu "who wore it best" moment and a chase that leads right into a Cat Lady's dream!  I can't say the cliffhanger had me shocked (even though it ups the ante of what I thought was going on), but it does have me looking forward to the next issue!

I said it at the beginning... I am so happy we have a new Catwoman solo book!  Joelle Jones gives us a fast-paced #1 that looks great, but also sets up some rules that make me a happy camper.  This is less of the "Cat God" that we've gotten from Tom King and more the Cat I recognize.  She takes some hits and when she does prove to be kick-ass, it feels right and natural.  Good job Joelle!

Bits and Pieces:

One issue in and this is already the best Catwoman we've gotten in years.  Smart, agile, and tough, this just feels right.  The overall start of the mystery of who and what is happening in Selina's life is intriguing and it looks great!  Anyone with a passing interest in the character should give this a look.



  1. I just wonder if this book will factor in at all to the next 50 issues of King's Batman....

    I put the over/under at no.

  2. I echo everyone's comments on this one, especially Repairman Jack's. I don't expect this to be tied in closely with Batman, nor do I think it should. That ship has sailed. So far in one issue, we have gotten a more competent and compelling Catwoman story than the last 25 or so issues of Batman. Kudos on the art and especially the way it looks on the newer matte paper stock.

  3. Love the art. . .I'll give the story 2 more issues to get better. I see lots of praise for something that registers as "pretty good" to me. I'm guessing it's relief that Tom King isn't writing it. To tell the truth, I sort of feel that way myself and am hoping for this title to succeed. . .but it's going to have to quickly untangle itself from King's romantic fanfiction story root to do so.

    1. This seems like by next issue it will 100% be its own book