Sunday, July 1, 2018

Gasolina #9 Review

Down South Jukin

Written by: Sean Mackiewicz
Art by: Niko Walter
Colors by: Matt Lopes
Letters by: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image

Gasolina is a real slow burn of a book. Looking back since issue 1 it seems that a lot has happened, but it never feels like it is rushing me. It seems to really ease me into a gentle groove of events, which although startling and violent seem to settle faster than dust in the desert. Let's see if that trend continued this issue.

Well, it is a good issue but perhaps not a great one and I think this is the first time that the bag of tricks that this series delves into has come up a little short. Not that it is terminal to the series in any way, just that it felt like it went very slow at times. We are still dealing with Quique and his ability or inability at times to keep his condition under control. Meanwhile Randy and Amalia decide to continue on the road while disturbing events take place elsewhere.

The artwork is as strong as it has ever been, but one issue that can creep into this series is that the facial depictions aren't actually distinct enough at times to allow you to easily differentiate between the characters. I think that maybe more distinct features, clothing or hairstyles may have eased this at times. That is a minor niggle, however. The art and coloring are to a very high standard and the closing scenes are quite spelling-binding.

Bits and Pieces:

It always happens sooner or later with any series and this is the first slightly "down" issue. The ending though allows for a calibration of the series in a new direction and a marshaling of the rich storytelling laid out to date. Still a good issue, but a little bit of a pivot issue in the grand scheme of things I suspect.


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