Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor #2 Review

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Thony Silas
Release date: June 27, 2018
Price: $3.99

Review by: David Assall 

An ambush at the end of the last issue has left half of our team of X-ladies in the hands of Viper and the femme fatales. Now Kitty Pryde, Domino and Jubilee must put the hunt for Wolverine aside and instead work out how to rescue their captured team members. Laying low and trying to send out for reinforcements isn’t an option, this is Madripoor after all. Let’s see what trouble they get themselves into instead.....

As in the last issue we begin with a character remembering an important moment from their past spent with Logan. This time it’s Kitty. She remembers the events of her trip to Japan with Wolverine and the effect it had on her. We’re reminded of the strong history between the characters and the reasons why Kitty has taken on this dangerous mission to find the body of her old mentor and friend.

Back in the present Kitty manages to escape the fatales by phasing into Madripoors sewer system. She manages to save Jubilee and a badly injured Domino. They retreat to Logan’s hidden room in the princess bar to decide what to do next. Since hiding or calling for reinforcements is not an option the trio decides to take inspiration from “Patch” and hit the streets of Madripoor. 

They go to various locations across Hightown and Lowtown looking information about Viper eventually striking lucky at a casino. One of Viper’s mercenary’s  Bloodlust is guarding a man at a table. The X-trio attack and take the man hostage. They learn from him that he is a mathematician hired to plot flight trajectories for a satellite that is due to be launched soon. The girls have found their next destination to be resolved in the next issue.

Elsewhere we learn that Viper and her mercenary team have been hired out by a mystery client. We don’t learn much about the client but it is revealed that he serves the will of Soteira which gives a hint to what may be the big bad as we have had the military group appearing in Claws of a killer. In another part of the building we see that Rogue and Storm are still alive but being captured has triggered Storm’s phobias. She’s struggling to stay in control of her powers and the weather is being heavily affected. It’s also revealed that the fatales have Magneto hostage. Sapphire Styx has been feeding off his life force and her increasing hunger is becoming a problem for the mercenary team. Sapphire sets her sights on Psylocke next but is shocked to find that Betsy has already died. The issue ends with Sapphire getting a surprise visit from a character that has the potential to turn this comic on its head.

I would expect that the art will divide readers. Silas definitely has a style all of his own and he draws dynamic characters. However, for me the female characters faces are still all too similar and in some panels, the positions of the characters bodies don’t make sense. It can be quite distracting. Felipe Sobreiro’s colors really help out Silas in this issue. Had the color palette not have been as striking I think the problems with the art would have stood out more.

Bits and Pieces:

Much like the other titles in this series this comic seems to be stalling at the midpoint. All the elements are being put in place for what should be an action-packed ending especially since characters like Magneto and Storm are still on the sidelines. We also get hints that there is a bigger picture to the series with the mention of Soteira in the issue. This hasn’t been a must read series but readers who enjoyed the first issue should be satisfied. The ending has me intrigued and though I’m expecting a swerve I’ll be checking out how it all plays out.


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