Thursday, July 5, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: July 4, 2018

Happy Birthday, Country!

While I'm sure more than a few Americans skipped the comic shop on New Comic Book Day in favor of some grilled hot dogs and canned beer, there were still a slew of new books on the stands yesterday! And you know what that means: a slew of new covers as well! And I picked five of them, ordered them in preference from least to most, and posted that list below! Check it out.

 Injustice 2 #29
Bruno Redondo
There were quite a few #dialoguecovers this week, but a couple of them got excised for better images. This one made the list. It's really Lobo tearing through the lower right that puts this over the top, but I do like the "bwa-ha-ha-ness" of the cover image too. Whenever a comic book is confrontational with the consumer, I am intrigued.

 Harley Quinn #45 variant
Frank Cho
Frank Cho has been the variant artist on Harley Quinn since close to the beginning of Rebirth (remember, he was doing Wonder Woman until Greg Rucka had him kicked off) and he's been quietly churning out some awesome work. No one needs to tell Frank anything about rendering the human form, but I wonder if those that haven't seen his convention sketches know how funny Frank can be. Here's another worthwhile collection of variant covers when all is said and done.

 Catwoman #1 variant
Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Yeah, I know this guy is the DC Comics variant cover darling. He does paint a nice image, though, doesn't he? This one reminds me of an Alex Ross piece he did of Batman...for the cover to that Batman: War oversized prestige thingamajig.... This issue had two variants--this cover, and then this cover with a yellow version of the Catwoman logo above it. I must admit it made for a striking composition. But the naked Catwoman is better.

 Justice League #3 variant
Jim Lee
So normally, I am not a big fan of Jim Lee. I certainly recognize his abilities, but he has a very blocky, line-heavy style that just isn't to my liking. Here, however, his foreshortening skills and penchant for open-mouth angry folks works to everyone's favor! The wings coming at you look almost ready to sweep off the page. This is a bad-ass Hawkwoman picture, and I dig it.

Nightwing #46 variant
John Romita Jr., Danny Miki, Tomeu Morey
No disrespect intended to JRJr, but when I saw his name credited for this cover on the DC Comics website, I did a double-take. It's just not his normal style. I even checked other previews around the web, to see if they had newer or different information. Finally, I re-downloaded the reviewer's copy and checked the title page to be absolutely certain. It is a John Romita Jr. joint! With assists from Danny Miki and the amazing Tomeu Morey. This doesn't strike me as Romita's style, but that's my problem, not his. I think this is a cool, dark cover, well-suited to the open layout of DC's variant covers, and works well with the last issue of Batgirl's variant cover...which may have some story implications...


  1. I can tell you're liking the new DC variant format as much as I am!
    It was a great move on their part. . .especially for someone who gets covers to frame like me.

    1. Absolutely! A few have been ready for framing, as shown