Tuesday, July 3, 2018

PREVIEW: Harley Quinn #45

Harley the Hammer

Writer: Sam Humphries 
Artist: John Timms 
Colors: Gabe Eltaeb 
Letters: Dave Sharpe 
Cover: Guillem March and Romulo Fajardo Jr. 
Variant Cover: Frank Cho 
Assistant Editor: Andrea Shea 
Editor: Alex Antone 
Group Editor: Brian Cunningham 
Cover Price: $2.99 
On Sale Date: July 4, 2018

-->While on a tropical vacation, Harley Quinn is kidnapped by two Female Furies from Apokolips—and they’re making her an offer she can’t refuse: join the Furies, get super powers and do anything she wants! It’s a sweet deal, and all Harley has to do in return is hunt down rogue Fury Petite Tina. The bad news: Petite Tina is anything but petite! Hope that hammer got an upgrade, Harley.

Well, it's here folks! That Harley Quinn/Fourth World crossover we've been anticipating. Have a look at some preview pages, right here! 

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