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Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #3 Review - Marvel Monday

Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #3

Writer: Chris Sims & Chad Bowers
Art Team: Gang Hyuk Lim
Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 27, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

More Death Head Please, Yes? 

Since Darkhawk's return in the Legacy One Shot (Darkhawk #51) he was given, I have enjoyed each issue the character has been in more than the previous one I've read.  I thought for sure I reviewed issue one of this series on the site only to find out I was mistaken, so I'm here to publicize my love for the series, and characters rebirth so far.  Lets not hesitate any longer and get right into it.

Well first off I'll say it again if I didn't get my point across in the intro paragraph, GO BUY THIS BOOK!  You don't need to be invested in Infinity Countdown, you don't have to know much about Darkhawks past, just buy Darkhawk #51 off eBay, this series at your LCS, and enjoy .... tell em Branden sent ya.

Anyway, the issue begins picking up where we left off last issue with the newly formed Dark Starhawk reeking havoc on his way to Earth, featuring a beautiful full page spread of the character (Robbie Thompson is his real identity) in action, and you know its nothing to trifle with.

Meanwhile Chris (Darkhawk) seemingly lays dead where he was left last issue, by Gyre and Talonar now Dark Starhawk, after taking the 'Gem'.   As he struggles to get to his feet, a spirit of Razor appears, the embodiment/host of the original Darkhawk armor, and gives Chris/Darkhawk his final gift to truly become what he was meant to be. Merging body/mind he now is more powerful than ever before and while he doesn't need the gem to stay alive he does need it to go back into his human form, so off he goes to reclaim what is his.

There is also a section during this time recapping the history of how the Raptor's came to be and what their true intentions really were.  How it all connects to the beginnings of the Marvel Universe is all very well done and thought out.   Really the care and effort put into Darkhawk since his revival by Chris Sims & Chad Bowers has been excellent. Kudos to the team.

The issue concludes with the Raptors and Dark Starhawk (Man thats a mouthful) approaching Earth.  However something off in the distance is catching up to them and fast which is revealed to be .... I know you probably have a good idea who that may be but I'm still not going to spoil it here for you because I want you to see how awesome it looks.

Overall, Darkhawk has been a series thus far that has hit all the right notes in its return, dating back to its Legacy One Shot issue, and only continues that trend here in the Infinity Countdown tie-ins. I love the changes that have come to the character, the brief history brought up and addressed, all while remaining very entertaining and looking great the whole time.  The other tie-ins to Infinity Countdown haven't hit this level of production but still have been quite decent, however Darkhawk remains in a class on its own, I suggest you take a peek and pick it up, you'll enjoy what you get.

Bits and Pieces

Darkhawk continues to be the runaway hit of Infinity Countdown in my book and I hope the series finds a good ending, and hopefully some life, outside of this event book when its all said and done.  If you have an nostalgia love for Darkhawk or even think he just looks cool, which I cant disagree with, give this book a look see you'll enjoy what you're given.


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