Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cyber Force #4 Review

Back to the Future 

Written by: Matt Hawkins / Bryan Edward Hill
Art by: Atilio Rojo
Letters by Troy Peteri
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 27 June 2018 
Cover Price: $3.99

Oh, the absolute beauty of this title. Look at the cover of this book, it just oozes cool and entices you into this book each month. I mean, this book has shelf appeal, and that's an important first step in my view. Let's see if it has it on the inside too! If the last 3 issues are anything to go by then I'm fairly certain it will.

Yep. Kerching! Another great issue of this book. Boy, as I look around the comic book shelves each month I really don't think that I read a better book (I know, I said this last review too, so sue me). The fact is that I enjoy the Black Hammer books, Detective Comics, Flash, Gideon Falls, The Dead Hand, Avengers and a handful of others around the same as this one. The difference is I see those other books hyped across my timeline on Twitter, but I don't see this one too much. So I'm going to hype it up myself in this review without having to fake the funk once because it is an excellent book.

Firstly the writing. Here Hill and Hawkins give us a much tighter bond between Stryker and his daughter Carin than we have seen before. We also get a better sense of their overall mission, at least at the start, as well as a greater picture of how Stryker perceives the android colleague Aphrodite. The action moves on rapidly though before there is a chance to plant much more than a seedling in relation to that element of the storyline. It is safe to say that things get fairly explosive and that there are far reaching ramifications that stem from this issue well into the future.

In terms of the art, I have to say that each issue Atilio Rojo exceeds his previous performance. Which is starting to get difficult for me as a reviewer because I'm running out of high praise for his accomplishments? This issue was a little darker in tone towards the end but the highlight for me was actually the opening pages and the great scene at the start between Carin and Stryker including a nice panel with Carin conversing with her father while looking in the mirror (see second preview page above). Stunning work.

Bits and Pieces:

What can I say? This series is keeping on heading in the right trajectory and getting stronger and stronger, not just in terms of the narrative which is now starting to see loose strands tightened together, but also in terms of the proper establishment of story arcs for the character development and interaction. Artwise it is a dream. Buy the first three issues and then delight in this issue.


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