Thursday, October 18, 2018

Best DC Comics Covers of the Week: October 17, 2018

Not a Lot to Go Around

Sometimes you've got so many covers to choose from, you need to convene a committee. Other times, you're glad that five shone through at all. This is one of those weeks! But boy, do I have five covers I've picked arranged in a list, you bet!

 Justice League #10
Francis Manapul
If Manapul ever wanted to ditch comics and go into fine arts, he certainly could. He's got styles upon styles upon styles. Here's a very Aquaman-forward, angular look at the Justice League, starkly colored in orange and black. Just in time for Halloween!

Aquaman #41
Riccardo Federici 
Speaking of Aquaman and artists that have a multitude of styles, this painted cover by Federici is pretty sweet. The colors are so nicely-blended, it almost has the effect of pastel work. Of course, Spooky Monster Aquaman is pretty cool, too.

 Batman #57 variant
Francesco Mattina
Batman punches. If you had told me this was Lee Bermejo, I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. This is a cool cover, but it is sort of a layup in terms of composition and color. An effective, paint-by-formula sort of deal.

 Nightwing #51
Mike Perkins
Escrima stick, comin' atcha! This is a pretty dynamic image, even if the perspective isn't perfect. The foreshortening is good, though, and that's what makes this look sweet. The background on the stands is silver foil, and it's a pretty striking contrast.

Nightwing #51 variant
Howard Porter
Hey, two Nightwing covers in a row! That's how thin the cover supply was this week. Here's a cool "which end is up?" image from Howard Porter. The birds offset the whole thing, both in composition and color.

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