Saturday, October 20, 2018

Green Arrow - Benson Sisters Out, Lanzing and Kelly In

When DC Comics' January Solicits came out this week, Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly were listed as writers for Green Arrow #48 instead of Julie and Shawna Benson.  Since Lanzing and Kelly have worked on Green Arrow recently, it was unclear whether or not this was a fill-in job or a permanent deal.  Well, it is more of the later as the Benson Sisters have announced they are officially off the book after December's #47.

As to whether it was a mutual decision between the Bensons and DC, that doesn't seem to be the case.  Shawna wrote a series of tweets explaining the situation:

As some of you have seen in the January 2019 comic solicitations, @thejuliebenson and I are no longer writing a title for DC Comics. We're sad to see our run on #GreenArrow come to an end but are honored to have had the opportunity to write for this amazing legacy character.   

Very few women have written for Oliver Queen in his ongoing book, so we are very proud to be in their ranks for our brief 5-issue run, which ends in December with issue 47.  

We had many more stories about Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Kate Spencer we were hoping to tell, but DC decided we were not the right fit for the book and informed us that they were going in another creative direction.

We wish @JacksonLanzing and @cpkelly the best on their run and have much love and appreciation for @javierfdezart who continues to be one of the best artists in the business.

Thanks to everyone who has read and appreciated our work, particularly on the recent gut-wrenching issue 45. We are very proud of that book and our entire runs of Green Arrow and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey for @DCComics. 

We are focusing on our TV projects at this time and hope someday we can find the heart and opportunity to write comics again. #GreenArrow 

Yea, it seems like this whole thing may have surprised them and it's a shame that they have a bunch of stories to tell that may never get out there.  As far as whether or not Lanzing and Kelly are in for a long run or are just filling in until another team gets put on the book, all I could get is this from Jackson Lanzing, "We're taking over the title full time starting at issue #48".

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