Monday, October 15, 2018

Teen Titans Giant #3 Review

Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, Jim Charalampidis, and Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: September 6, 2018

This is a review of the original Dan Jurgens Teen Titans story, "Dead Reckoning".  Also included are Adventures of the Super Sons #3 (2017), Sideways #3 (2018) and Teen Titans #3 (2003).  Click on Super Sons and Sideways to read our reviews of those issues.

I have really enjoyed the Teen Titans Giant issues.  dan Jurgens has set up the team in a way that anyone can jump on this book and be right up to speed.  Its a team that's part rebirth, part Go! And that is just fine with me.  So, does this third issue continue the good times?  Let's find out…

We open with a bad guy pose page with the Fearsome Five.  They look great in a badass way and they have one thing on their minds...killing the Teen Titans!

We get some Starfire narration this time around and while I like the different perspective, the issue does feel like it's stuck in neutral a bit.  We get another bunch of character intros and while I appreciated it in the first two issues, we have seen it all already.  There is also a wonky part with Mammoth and Beast Boy where they seem to face off before they really do, but once the actual fighting starts, things get better.

Each hero squares off against their rough Fearsome Five counterpart and when things look hopeless, Tim Drake calls for a retreat.  It may not seem like the most heroic thing to do, but they do save some innocent lives as well.  

The issue ends with a little look at HIVE and a reveal that things aren't exactly as the Titans thought they were.

This is my least favorite issue of this story.  There just was a little too much character introductions that we've already gotten and because of the time spent on that, there isn't much left for much else.  I am still on the trolley and the art looks great so I hope the next issue gets things going a bit more.

Bits and Pieces:

This is not the best issue of the ongoing story but only because Dan Jurgens keeps insisting on reintroducing his main characters each issue.  Still, this story is still a good time and it looks fantastic.  Let's hope Jurgen's gets back on track next issue.


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