Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Super Sons #3 Review

Fight! Fight! Dump!

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez and Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 19, 2017

Super Sons has been one of my favorites since it came out and I really can't wait to read it when it comes out.  Sure, it's only had a couple of issues, but I love Jon and Damian and together, they are solid gold.  Sure, I haven't been that into the whole Kid Amazo thing, but up until now, the interaction between our main characters has been so good, I kind of overlooked it.  I know, overlooking the actual story is kind of messed up, but now that we are three issues in, I guess the story is going to have to take center stage, right?  RIGHT?!?!  So, does the story step it up to be as good as the characters in it?  Let's find out...

We start off by getting a little more (and much needed) background of Reggie, aka Kid Amazo.  I know that we were told of his super family, but we see it here and I liked it.  We also get a one panel look at Reggie's power and again, I liked seeing it.

We then get to Jon and Damian and some resolution of last issue's awesome cliffhanger.  They are fighting the World's Finest (or as they call them, Dads) and while that seems odd and very dangerous, we find out they are actually robots that can be controlled by Reggie's know, the girl who Jon found in the woods last issue.

As the three kids run out of the woods, we get a little Amazo and Amazo Virus background before Sara (the girl) gives us the lowdown on who and what they are facing.  I understand what's going on with Reggie and the Amazo Armor he stole from Lexcorp, but I'm not sure I like it.  It really adds a couple of weird wrinkles to the whole Amazo concept that seem to be here only to benefit this story.

It all continues with the Amazo Batman and Superman morphing into copies of Jon and Damian...many, many copies.  Enough to get us to where this whole Rebirth series started.  Before that, however, we get what is now standard trash talking between our two young heroes.  Hey, I know this is what I've loved about this book so far, but the whole "Damian is small" and "Jon is a baby" thing is already getting a bit old.  I still smile the first time it's in each issue, but the third and fourth make me groan a bit.  Plus, either put Jon on the Teen Titans or stop mentioning it...please!!!

We then see that little Sara isn't exactly stable and get a bit where we find out that Reggie is pretty much a serial killer to the extreme before Jon and Damian head off to stop Kid Amazo.  They will have to get through their robo doppelgangers first and the issue ends with our two heroes in big trouble, but of course, Damian has a plan.

This issue was a bit down from the first two, but Tomasi did have a bunch of things to set up here.  Like I said, the first two issues were carried by Jon and Damian's interactions so we get a bit of an info dump issue to get us going forward with the Kid Amazo story.  the problem is, I am not that interested in Kid Amazo, especially with his convoluted background.  Throw in the fact that the Damian and Jon trash talking already feels a bit played out and you see where I stand here.

I did love the art which is just as stellar as the first two issues.  I hope Jorge Jimenez never takes a break because even when we get a down issue, it still looks fantastic!

Bits and Pieces:

If you've been enjoying Super Sons so far, you will probably like this issue though it's a step down from the first two.  I am not that invested in the Kid Amazo story and the fighting between Jon and Damian, which carried the first two issue, is getting a bit stale.  However, the art is fantastic and while I am still fully onboard with this book, I hope next issue gets back to where it was after the first two issues.



  1. God i love these two superboy is like a no brained golden heart boy scout and robin is a well baby lex i can see them growing from their friendship to fill there fathers roles

  2. I dont mind the bickering so much, it's been three issues but all technically the same situation and only a day or two, so I think that will ease naturally as the story move. I love the art it's a perfect balance for these characters