Saturday, April 22, 2017

Generation Zero #9 Review (Valiant)

Everything Must End

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Diego Bernard
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 19, 2017
Publisher: Valiant Comics

With sad news, and what seems like very little publicizing of the fact, this seems to be Generation Zero’s final issue. I’ve been a bit down on the book as of late, but it started out really great and I have still really enjoyed what the book was trying to do. So without further ado lets just find out how well the final issue in this story fairs.

We jump in at first with a flashback as Adele watches Keisha and, Adele’s crush, Jason exchange notes in class to Adele’s disliking. It seems this is one of the key sparks to the current ongoing battle as we jump to the current time, where we previously left off, with Adele attacking Keisha as she tries to reach Rasa.

We get some quick exposition that fills in just who Rasa was and how exactly Rook got a hold of Rasa. It’s a pretty quick and clean explanation to a lot of the series’ questions and it comes off a bit rushed, but it does a nice enough job explaining a lot of the dangling plot threads in the series as it comes to a sudden ending. Although Adele is filled in on a lot of the past she still seems to not fully care as she’s still pretty against Keisha as an individual.

With Adele charging in on Keisha we probably get the hardest part to take of this final issue. Keisha doesn’t flinch a bit and full on catches a charging Adele by the throat and throws her impossibly far eventually colliding and destroying the side of a building. I always figured Keisha would get some kind of powers, but it seems in lieu of time Van Lente is forced to come up with an accelerated way of making them manifest. It isn’t so hard to accept how the come about, but it is a little hard to believe that Keisha knew about it and was fully on board and aware of them so fast.

We next join the Generation Zero crew as they are coming to Keisha’s aide only to find that she has taken care of Adele on her own. With Adele being conveniently thrown to the room of her father’s office at Rook everyone comes together in the same room to lead to a final conclusion with Adele on the run, her father taken care of and Kwame saved the series is left to end with Rook Academy in the hands of Generation Zero as what would appear to be a safe haven for children across the world.

I can’t help but sympathize with the creative team behind the team. This last issue is obviously rushed and needs to jump to some convenient and easy situations in order to attempt to wrap things up. Some of it is a little hard to accept either out of unbelievability or desire to learn more, but it’s easy to see there were plans in place for more development. This final issue just makes me wish a couple of the down issues were used less for catch up or retread in order to fill out the story more to make this conclusion feel a little less condensed.

Bits and Pieces:

Although rushed and largely condensed I’m mostly happy with how Van Lente is able to wrap up most of the dangling plot threads laid out to this point. If you can ignore the jumps in logic and randomness it does a fine enough job closing up the story.


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