Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Injustice 2 Chapter #2 Review

Sucker (Arrow) Punch

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Locus and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 18, 2017

I am a huge Injustice comic fan and the first issue of Injustice 2 felt like home.  Seriously, having Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo back just felt right and they seemed to jump back in with no trouble at all.  Of course, after the events of the first series, I didn't expect everything to be all peaches and herb, but after we were all reunited, shit got real.  The issue ended with Harley in hot water and Batman in danger of being left alone.  So, what happens this week and is it any good?  Let's find out...

We open on "Another Earth" and I don't care where we are because we see Conner Lance-Queen and he is soooo cute!  There he is with his little boy bow and arrows  (sucker arrows mind you) when he is approached by Doctor Fate.  That's awesome right there, but seeing Conner hit the Helmet of Fate with sucker arrow after sucker arrow may easily be the best thing I've seen in comics in a quite a while.  I now have a new favorite character!

The thing is, when we see a very alive Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, we may have a new winner!  I can't help putting all these exclamation points in this review so I apologize now, but seeing Oliver and Dinah is such a treat for anyone who read the first Injustice series.  That ties in here as Fate seems to be there to finish the job he kind of stopped when he saved Dinah in the first place.  It's a misunderstanding that sets up a grand return in the near future and a kick ass action scene here.

Back in our messed up Injustice Universe, Amanda Waller is trying to welcome Harley into the Suicide Squad, but she isn't having any of it.  She knows Batman will save her and tells Waller exactly what will happen.

The issue ends with Harley being almost right.  She does get saved, but the methods are crazy and not what anyone would be used to.  It does set up for a long week until next issue because I want to see what is going on right now.

This is just another great chapter to this new series.  Tom Taylor's characterizations and dialogue is second to none and I'm not sure that there is another writer who knows his characters more.  Top notch stuff here.

Bruno Redondo's art is also stellar and in such a short thing as a digital chapter, there are at least four standout panels that look better than anything in any of the "big" books this week.

Bits and Pieces:

If you have even a little interest in the Injustice 2 game or great comics in general, pick up this book. It's already the book I look most forward to each week and with art and characters this great, I don't see that changing anytime soon.  Highly Recommended.



  1. Well I'm hooked, this has to be another Earth's Batman, right?

    1. I actually think it's either Deadshot, or possibly...Hopefully, Jason Todd.Last issue taylor mentioned that Jason had been killed by joker in this universe.

  2. Well, he basically has the same batsuit than the Batman in the 1st issue. Do you think the talk with Superman changes his mind ?

    Anyway, Taylor + Redondo = Perfect Combo !

    1. It just may have...such a great start to the series!!!!

  3. I think "MurderBat" has to do with Atrocitus messing around, at least that's what I'm getting from the red glowing eyes.
    As for the big picture I really hope Injustice 2 will be a redemption story for Superman, as he tries to regain everyone's trust and become a hero again. Not an easy task.

  4. Jason. I've been waiting for him to show up for so long. I'm sure that's him at first sight (or second sight, to be more accurate).
    The first panel with Batman in it should be Bruce. The last three pages should be Jason. So the timeline’s reasonable.