Monday, April 17, 2017

Weapon X #1 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

Team Up or Nah?

Written By: Greg Pak
Art By: Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 12, 2017
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

When I first heard about this series, I had little to no interest in the book. However, as more and more about the book came out, suddenly I found myself really looking forward to it. Whether it was the creative team or the character line up, this book was up there with X-Men Gold for me in terms of anticipation. Well, last week we got X-Men Gold and while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t the big return that I was expecting and throw the huge controversy on top of it, Weapon X has been looking better and better. However, we can’t say how good it is until we’ve actually read it so let’s stop talking about it and just jump right in.

We begin with Old Man Logan who seems to be spending some time in the woods in isolation. We get some inner dialogue from him when he is suddenly interrupted by a strange sound. He finds that it is simply a young couple who seem to be lost. After talking with them for a moment, he doesn’t sense anything out of the ordinary and gives them so guidance so that they can get back to safety. They thank him and head on their way. However, once Logan turns his back on them we get a sudden sound and Logan looks surprised. We see Logan being impaled on a metal spike and we see the couple suddenly transform into metal beings that are intent on killing him. Logan fights back a bit but he is easily outmatched by these two.

Logan runs toward a waterfall and leaps in. The enemies follow him and they notice blood in the water only to find that it is only a piece of Logan that he cut off himself to serve as a decoy. Logan enters a cave and remembers his time with the Weapon X program and all the other mutants who were a part of the program. He doesn’t know who exactly sent the metal beings after him but he knows where they got the powers they were using—Lady Deathstrike. We cut to a classified location where we see Lady Deathstrike in a holding tube. She begins to resist her restraints and the scientists watching her inject her with some more sedative. However, this isn’t until she is able to scratch the words “Kill you all” into the glass tube. A scientist comes in and puts the piece of Logan that their agents recovered and places it into another holding tube. Apparently it’s enough for whatever they are doing and we see three other empty tubes with the names Domino, Warpath, and Sabretooth on them.

We cut to a library in Washington where Logan is currently using the computers while being hassled by another patron. The is incredibly rude to him and Logan finds himself questioning who could possibly be a threat. He finishes his research and heads out on his bike until he reaches the middle of the woods. He finds some claw marks in the tree trunks and some dead animals. He prepares himself when he is suddenly attacked. Turns out that he had found Sabretooth and the two fight for a moment. Logan is able to calm him down and the two talk about how they were both attacked. Logan wants them to work together to take down whoever is doing this but Creed hates the idea of helping Logan in any way. Logan doesn’t give him much of a choice though as he let himself be seen on several cameras on his way to Creed’s home. He led the enemy right to them and just as they face off with their foe, the issue ends.

THIS is the X-Men book that everyone should be reading. This book is incredible fun and beautifully drawn. We got a real action-packed first issue and that’s how you want your series to start. At the same time though, you need a little bit more than just fight scenes and we get a little bit of that as we see the enemy’s plan to capture these mutants. That said, I personally could have used a little bit more of a hint of things to come in this issue but I am absolutely enjoying the ride at this time. These are the kinds of issues that will really lock in new readers and I hope people hop on to this book because I have a feeling that this book will be the one that X-Men fans will enjoy the most.

Bits and Pieces

We get amazing action and beautiful art in this first issue of Weapon X. This is the kind of issue that will really attract new readers and I hope that is the case. Marvel has just revamped its X-Men books and in my opinion, this is the best one so far. We’ve only had one issue from these new series so far so that can easily change but if I had to pick only one book to continue with, it would be this book. I could have done with a bit more story to give me hints of what is to come but it doesn’t really change my opinion on this book so far.


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