Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Green Arrow #21 Review

Burning Down the...City

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Juan Ferreyra and Nate Piekos
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 19, 2017

Green Arrow is one of those books that just sits in the middle of my pile...not the best, but far from the worst of what Rebirth has to offer.  That being said, the recent visit by Roy Harper had me pretty pumped at first and even if it didn't end on a high note, I still like him in this book.  So, going forward, I hope he keeps his word and helps out Oliver, but even if he doesn't, I am excited to be getting Juan Ferreyra back this issue.  I love his art so much and it's been way too long since we've seen it.  So, how is this first issue of The Rise of Star City arc?  Let's find out...

The issue starts with Green Arrow telling a story of his first memory and while it's bad to remember a stuffed teddy bear being ruined in the rain, it is nothing compared to the horrific scene unfolding in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  A woman, later identified as Cheshire goes through a very calculated plan to bring down an airplane and kill what is easily hundreds of innocent people.

We then see old friend, Eddie Fyers, who has given up trains for the time being and is concentrating on infesting the Grand Pacific Hotel with crazy bugs.  We also continue seeing Green Arrow as he tells us he never got to really know his father.

Things continue this way as we see Oliver enters his father's underground bunker as Brick lays waste to the  Seattle Capitol Hill building by just punching the hell out of its foundation supports.  The theme...Oliver didn't get to know his father and Seattle is being torn apart as we watch.

Things heat up as Oliver starts learning a little more about his father as we see Mayor Domini use his contacts to make sure a brash councilman straightens up and flies right.  It's pretty horrific even if Juan Ferreyra makes it look so damn good!

The issue ends with Broderick heading off to a meeting and when he gets there, we see what all of the recent events have in common and what they mean for the future of Seattle.  I'll give you a hint...nobody is wearing shades in this future!

This issue is part one of the Rise of Star City arc and while I expect setup in an issue like this, this is real heavy setup.  We get some very interesting things laid out before us, but we will have to wait until at least next issue for any real explanation.  I still liked it, and even if this is the least Green Arrow we've gotten in an issue since Rebirth, I thought it played out nicely.

Have I told you how much I love Juan Ferreyra's art?  Well, I do and I still think his color work is the best in the biz to go along with the whole package.

Bits and Pieces:

The Rise of Star City is underway and even if this issue is heavy in the setup department, it's still a good start.  We get some familiar villains new and old and Oliver Queen looking to his past as his (and his city's) future looks bleak indeed.  Juan Ferreyra makes everything look outstanding and I am interested to see what Ben Percy has in store going forward.



  1. What do you think was with that red mask in his father's closet? Is that some kind of weird throwback that I'm not aware of? Overall I agree, decent issue but not the best that DC has to offer right now.

  2. Im getting a feeling that this star city arc will turn out to be another wild goose chase, really hoping that it wouldnt.. wish that the ending wouldnt be another anticlimactic scene, just like the story arcs before.. ive been having that vibes lately with green arrow to be honest.. as jim said before, green arrow lost its way already in storytelling.. JEFF LEMIRE PLEASE COMEBACK!!! IF ITS EVEN Possible!!

    1. damn, i loved Lemire's run so much

    2. Give Percy credit, the guy stepped up since the ending of DC You's Green Arrow. It's no Lemire but I still enjoy it.

    3. I'd like to give him credit, but none of his arcs have any weight, in my opinion. They're not intense enough to feel satisfied at the end. The floating ship wasn't fleshed; they simply boarded and escaped. Percy could have trapped them for a few days, possibly have them imprisoned, and this way the ship could have been explored. Arc 1 was pointless, arc 2 was too short with the island, then there was the forgetful arcs before the pipeline arc, which was also forgettable. However, this issue seems like it's setting up, and this issue was kind of fleshed out. If Percy picks up from here, there would be reason to reread the previous arcs, but as of now, Percy's work is pretty bad. It was horrid before Rebirth, and though it's improved, it's still forgetful.

      We don't need short stories. It's 2017. We want characters back to their roots, but epic storylines are more important.