Sunday, July 13, 2014

Batman '66 #38 Review

Written by: Gabriel Soria
Art by: Dean Haspiel
Cover Price: $1.99
Release Date: July 9, 2014

A Very Special...

Batman '66 has been a great book from the start.  Lately, though, all of the '66 attention has been shining on the Kevin Smith/Ralph Garman Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet book.Meanwhile, Gabriel Soria and Dean Haspiel have given readers what may be the best Batman '66 story yet.  I know, I've been known to exaggerate when I get excited, but I really mean it.  Their show-within-a -show story is both hilarious and topical.  Is a darker Batman better?  It may be personal opinion, but I think I agree with Soria when I say "No".  Hey, even Batman and Robin agree.

This issue opens up with Batman and Robin all tied-up, thanks to evil television producer, Fred Fillips.  He is the guy who is bringing America the hit new TV Show, "Dark Knight Detective". You know, the one where evil doers are given the Bat-Business by the Dark Knight, himself. It seems that Fillips has a "Very Special Episode" planned.  No, it doesn't involve the old guy who runs the bicycle shop or bootlegging a Doobie Brothers concert, this is far more dastardly. Fillips is going live to show the Dynamic Duo being cancelled...for good.  But before revealing his plan, he reveals his true identity.  He is a Weird Science favorite, so I can personally say it is awesome.

I don't know what happened to Gabriel Soria to make him hate television writers, crew and producers so much, but I'm glad it did. This issue is so much fun, with all the pop culture references (with little twists, of course) and Batman '66 camp.  From Dobie Gillis to Sally Fields, it's all so hilarious.  I hope Soria writes some more of this series soon.

I also hope to see more Dean Haspiel.  His art fits the tome and fun so well.  My favorite part are the people watching "The Dark Knight Detective" on their TVs.  They look hypnotized and crazed which only added to the fun and underlying morale of the story.  I also have to point out again, this issue (and the last) are the best "motion comic" issues I have ever read.  It enhanced my enjoyment so much without ever being a detracting gimmick.  Well done, guys.

Bits and Pieces:

Gabriel Soria finishes a hilarious two-parter in style.  This issue was laugh-out-loud funny with a great story,  awesome pop culture references and an underlying moral I can get behind.  Dean Haspiel makes everything look great and the motion comic aspect is second to none.  Their two-parter is my favorite in the Batman '66 series and I highly recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in the source material.  A Very Special Episode indeed.


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