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Weird Science DC Comics News: Week of July 9, 2014 Edition

Helooooooo everybody.  Welcome back to Weird Science DC Comics News where you can expect rambling stories, misspellings, poor grammar and a little bit of news.  Of course, SDCC is fast approaching so you would think that the news faucet would be running dry, but no so.  There was actually a decent amount of news this week, but not all of it was good.  However, before I become a Debbie Downer, I want to take this time to congratulate... Us.  Yes, this Wednesday (July 16th) will mark our year anniversary.  No, Eric and myself didn't take advantage of the new marriage laws in Pennsylvania, we started this site, dummies.

I know this may not be interesting to anyone, but I'd like to stroll down memory lane and take you back to the Summer of 2013.  It was a time when Amanda Bynes took over Twitter with her crazy ramblings, Lea Remini came to her senses and left Scientology, and everyone was singing along to "Blurred Lines".  Meanwhile, Eric and Jim and their robot, D.I.C. were sitting outside the local WAWA contemplating their futures. You see, if they didn't make a website that reviewed every DC Comic, Jim would be sent to military school. Eric had his own problems, as well.  He'd recently discovered that he was a werewolf. The worst kind, a Post-Teen Werewolf.  There were no basketball games or urban surfing to let off some steam.   What were our two heroes to do?  And why was their robot named D.I.C.?

That's when they were visited by Prof. Jake Ryan.  The Professor had been sent from the future to make sure these two made that website.  The website that would save the Universe.  At first they wanted to call it, "Jim and Eric's Comic Book Blog", but quickly realized that was the stupidest name for a website ever.  That's when Jake told them it would be called "Weird Science", a name based loosely on the 80's movie, "Real Genius" starring Val Kilmer.  It would be a site where every New 52 book would be reviewed along with Top 5 lists with unfriendly search engine names and Old Time Radio shows nobody listens to.  There was much rejoicing and air guitar playing and maybe even an impromptu game of shirtless volleyball (history is a little cloudy on that one), but then they realized they weren't prepared.  They had spent the whole semester partying, chasing girls and pranking the crusty old Dean.  They only had one night to get their site together or all would be lost.

Cue the montage...

When the Sun rose, they were ready.  They posted a welcome message, the beginning of a post that they would never get back to and a picture of Eric's shirt.  It was months before they would start reviewing every New 52 book and getting more than 10 views a day, but you have to start somewhere.  As D.I.C. always says, "That's history, Dude!"  Well said D.I.C., well said.

On with the News...

Justice League Beyond 2.0 is Over 

In a story I may or may not have broken, Christos Gage told me on Twitter that this weeks Justice League Beyond 2.0 #24 was indeed the series last.  Besides being the longest book title in comic history, it was a damn good comic.  Christos Gage and Dexter Soy hit it out of the park every other week and gave us a great character in little Zod.  I loved little Zod.  In it's place, Kyle Higgins' Batman Beyond 2.0 will now go weekly and while that is an awesome book as well, I'll still miss JLB 2.0.  Goodnight, little Zod.

New Creative Team for Batgirl, Bad Timing for Gail Simone

DC and Gail Simone announced that she was leaving Batgirl and being replaced in October by Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher. They also released a "new look" for Batgirl that was more cartoony and all-ages looking than anything in the New 52.  I personally think it looks awesome.  Well, as the week went on, Gail took to Twitter to let everyone know she didn't get fired, but actually left because of editorial differences concerning the tone of the book.  Editorial wanted it to be dark, Simone wanted it to be light. Light as in more cartoony and all-ages?  Yes, Simone left the book right before editorial changes (specifically, Katie Kubert moving to Marvel) on the book.  So now we will get the book Gail Simone wanted to write without Gail Simone.

Scott Lobdell Weekly announced...kind of

In April 2015, DC will be moving their New York editorial offices to Burbank, California.  It seems that this is also the time when all these damn weeklies that we have to review are also coming to an end.  I have heard ramblings and rumblings of an "event" or even a "crisis" taking place during April, that would be written ahead of time to help let the editorial staff settle in to their new digs.  Well, it looks like there will be an event featuring DC characters from different time lines, Earths, etc. beating the crap out of each other.  Details are still pretty sketchy, but I'm sure SDCC will clear it up.  Scott Lobdell will anchor this event with a weekly book that will tie it all together.  I'm sure I'll review it because of my love of everything Lobdell.  I'm kidding...or am I?

More Casting News

No, I'm not talking about Eric's new video line "Fake Cosplay Casting Couch", I'm talking about Flash, Arrow and Batman v Superman news. Arrow announced that Brandon  Routh (Superman in Superman Returns) was cast as Ray Palmer, The Flash announced that Robbie Amell was cast as Ronnie Raymond / Firestorm and Bleeding Cool announced that their sources say Doomsday would be appearing in Batman v Superman.  No word on who would play him, but I'm sure that will be a voice acting part.  My two picks would be Gilbert Gottfried or Jay Baruchel.

Plenty of New Books in October

...and none of them are Shazam.  DC Announced three new books that will debut in October.  Deathstroke, with writing and art by Tony S. Daniel,  New Lobo with Cullen Bunn and Reilly Brown and Trinity of Sin with J.M. DeMatteis and Yvel Guichet.  I am looking forward to (and reviewing) Deathstroke.  He's so hot right now.  As for the others, Eric is really pumped for Trinity of Sin and the only reason I give New Lobo a chance is it's being written by Cullen Bunn.  I'm sure that a couple of new books will be announced at next week's SDCC, but I'm sure none of them will be Shazam.  That would make too much sense.


Name this movie quote, "No more Twisted Sister!"...I was really happy with Grayson #1...Give Eric a cane and he'll give you a kickass Chaplin impression...This is the most racist parody ever...I hate Joker's Daughter...I prefer Rachels over Reubens...I am so addicted to caffeine it is pathetic...I need another coffee...D.I.C. stands for "Diutiurnal Ichneumous Callant, of course...

Another Week, Another News.  Jim "Youngblood is an underrated 80's movie" Werner...Out!

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