Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weird Out Loud, the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Coming Soon

Yes, we are going to get off our lazy asses and do a podcast.  It's our one year anniversary this Wednesday. so it's about time.  Plus,
everyone has been so great to us this past year that you deserve to know what real jerks we really are.  From our very little discussion, the podcast will feature comic book talk (of course), 80's movie discussion, games and tons of off-topic nonsense. Like our site, we are jumping into it without really knowing how to do it so I hope you will have some patience when you hear our jerkoff voices for the first time.  I did work on a theme song and I hope you enjoy it.  Stay tuned for an announcement on the first episode of "Weird Out Loud" hopefully coming real soon, possibly this Saturday, but maybe later, but sometime soon.  Thank you, that is all.  -Jim

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