Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Robin Rises: Omega #1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Art By: Andy Kubert
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 16, 2014

Batman Kicks Everyone's Ass

We've been working towards this for a long long time now and it's time to start the story that determines the ultimate fate of Damian Wayne.  I hope you've been reading Batman and *INSERT NAME HERE* because it's led us here and I'm not about to recap that whole mess.  All you need to know is that Batman has been on the hunt for Damian and Talia's stolen bodies which obviously led to Ra's Al Ghul.  As Batman confronts Ra's about the theft, Glorious Godfrey booms in with a legion of Parademons and Apololiptian soldiers.  Let's see what these knuckleheads want as we dive into the story that hopefully sees my little pumpkin headed boy back in action.

Explain It!:

So the book uses it's first quarter to catch anybody that isn't in the know up to speed with Damian's entire history which leads us to the arctic where Batman, Frankenstein, Ra's and his legions stare down Glorious Godfrey and the horde of Apokolips.  Godfrey believes that this can be a peaceful transaction where Batman gives him the Chaos Shard he's looking for and he simply lets them live.  Even though Batman doesn't know what he's talking about I doubt if he would of used "This Isn't The Shard You're Looking For" that it would of worked.  The Chaos Shard goes back to Batman and Superman's time as young heroes being brought to Earth 2 and apparently this piece is from a larger whole that Superman destroyed and Ra's somehow got a hold of and decided that the perfect place for it was in Damian's sarcophagus.  As you'd imagine Batman isn't about to let a bunch of dirty Apokoliptians open or take his son's coffin, so the fight is on.

It's really something to behold.  Batman, Frankenstein, Ra's Al Ghul, Man-Bats, and ninjas verses Glorious Godfrey, Parademons, and Apokoliptian soldiers.  IT'S A BATTLE ROYAL AND UNLIKE GODFREY IT'S GLORIOUS!  Okay I'll calm down now.  The fight is going in Batman's favor until a couple larger Parademons break through his ranks and fly off with the two sarcophagi.  Batman and Ra's both grab a coffin and they fly off away from the fight.  Frankenstein has his heart torn out and Ra's is blasted by a Parademon causing him and Talia's coffin to fall down into a crevasse, now it's up to Batman to get his son and get the hell out of there.  It seems his tactic is to cause the Parademon to crash and fuck him and Damian's coffin up.  I know he's a grieving....... kind of insane father but goddamn couldn't the world's greatest detective come up with a better plan than pain?  I guess not but once the crash is over Batman finds the Chaos Shard and has a premonition that Damian will save them all.  I don't know what that means but damn am I intrigued.

If that first badass battle wasn't enough to make your pants tight, Glorious Godfrey catches up to Batman, takes the shard and when he's about to kill our favorite Caped Crusader, the mother fucking Justice League show up to pull a Roddy Piper, and they're all out of bubblegum as well.  Now this isn't your daddy's Justice League, no this is the new and improved one consisting of Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Captain Cold, Aquaman and Shazam.

Oh the battle that took place like I said earlier was glorious.  Godfrey decides that getting their collective asses kicked isn't in his best interest, so he opens multiple boom tubes and makes a hasty retreat with his remaining horde.  But here's where the story kicks in, even though Godfrey has the shard he detects more pieces of it inside the coffin so he takes Damian's body with him too back to Apokolips.  Batman tries to follow by grappling the coffin, but right before he's about to enter the tube Shazam breaks his line and the portal to Apokolips closes.

In the end Batman beats Shazam about the face for stealing his chance to get his son, beats Lex Luthor about the face for making a dick comment and pretty much tells the Justice League to go to hell because he's going to Apokolips to get Damian back.

That's it for now, make sure you're back next week as the story continues in Batman and Robin #33, you'll wanna check this series out if this issue is any indication on what we're in for.

Bits and Pieces:

Holy shit what an issue.  The battles in this story could rival the conclusion of Forever Evil and man am I happily surprised.  I really didn't know what to expect when this title was announced, all I cared about was getting that little boy back and now I still feel the same way but I'm surrounded by badassery as I do it.  You gotta check this story out if you were a fan of Damian or not because wow.  Just wow.  Congrats on Tomasi and Kubert for putting this together and finally giving the fans of Damian what they want.  Well worth the $4.99 price tag.


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