Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The New 52: Futures End #11 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Art By: Georges Jeanty
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 16, 2014

One Is The Loneliest Number When You're Firestorm

It's quick recap time to get you through this week's issue of Futures End.  Last week Five Years From Now jerk off Helmeted Superman was acting oddly on his search for the escaped convict Ethan Boyer, making us think he might not be the present day Doomed Superman.  The Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis decided to team up with the trio of villains Key, Plastique and Coil to break back into Terrifitech, Hawkman is alive and well and plans on finding the thing that killed Storm Watch and Big Barda made her Futures End appearance.  That was last week but another tidbit of info you might need is the JLA want Firestorm back in action and some kind of Robot Brainiac Monster was unleashed when some treasure hunters searching for fortune and glory entered a hidden temple.  So yeah.... Robot Brainiac Monster.  Let's check it out.  

Explain It!:

Five Years From Now... Grifter's slouch of a tech guru decides that Grifter's been gone too long and decides to abandon their secret hideout to move in with the long missing Voodoo, who looks like those five years have been harsh.  I believe the kids call it haggard.

Speaking of haggard Amethyst, Frankenstein and Hawkman take a star ship out to follow the Storm Watch tracking device that Hawkman believes will lead to Apollo.  It's a coming of age story where a undead monster falls for a once Queen of a magical world while the driver shouts "No we're not there yet".  Possibly the first Sci Fi Rom/Com.  But when the ship enters a planet's atmosphere something goes wrong and the trio crash land into what appears to be a metal crater.  I guess we're there.

While our heroes are out trekking across the universe it seems that back on Earth the future holds a pseudo reemergence of the McCarthy era, where all it takes to stir up the populace is claiming that someone is not from our planet.  That's exactly what Mister Terrific does on live TV to put a scare into people about the mysterious Batman Beyond.  Lousy future Mister Terrific and his black lists.  Elsewhere that Robot Brainiac Monster is making his way closer to us when a cargo ship spots the abandoned boat of the treasure hunters from a previous issue.  But they realize it's not so abandoned when said monster makes it's way onto their ship killing everyone.  Oh Robot Brainiac Monster.

In the end the JLA beams Ronnie Raymond aboard their Defense Station Omega to find out what's going on with Firestorm and I guess they felt the name Watchtower was a little too Jehovah Witnessy for a headquarters name.  It's a lot of accusations from Roy Harper who the JLA brought in as Green Arrow's replacement, about how Ollie's death is on Ronnie.  Pretty much it's a very special episode where Ronnie won't give into peer pressure and Jason Rusch tells the team that if they can replace Green Arrow they can replace Firestorm.  Some cool parts here include Cyborg talking to Flash about getting Zatanna to wipe Ronnie's mind and Flash telling him not to joke about that.  God I love Identity Crisis.  Also we get to see the JLA lineup Five Years From Now.  The team consists of Aquaman, Flash, Helmeted Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Stormguard, Equinox and Arsenal.  

That's it for this week as we get deeper into the mystery that is Futures End.  Come back next week as we continue our journey into Five Years From Now.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue hangs back on the action this week as we're given a story that's driven completely by people talking things out and it was really entertaining.  We're finally introduced to the Futures End JLA team and I can't wait to see this team in action in the future, but for their first appearance a simple team discussion sufficed completely.  Another great issue in this strange future that I can't help but get anxious for each week and I hope it remains as good as it's been so far.  Go get it and any back issues you've missed because Futures End is a brave new world where anything can happen.


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