Friday, July 18, 2014

Smallville: Chaos #7 Review

Written by: Bryan Q. Miller
Art by: Agustin Padilla and Marcelo Di Chiara
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 18, 2014

Getting Darker

We are on the second half of the wonderful Smallville: Chaos mini.  Up until now, Bryan Q. Miller has given us the mystery of Eclipso, the Earth-hoping of Lois and Superman, the shadowy plans of Lex Luthor and so much more. Each story has been told as a separate entity, but I'm guessing they will each converge into a grand finale. While we see the start of that in this issue, that's not what makes it kick ass.  No, that distinction goes to the guest stars.  Miller is so good at bringing back characters from earlier books just when they're needed and also at introducing new ones.  This issue proves that in spades.

This week, Miller focuses on Eclipso and Lois and Superman.  I have been a bit down on the Eclipso story, but this issue is starting to change my mind. This issue shows how much bigger a threat this infection is and it gives a couple awesome guest stars a chance to jump into the fray...or fly.  Eclipso is really doing a number on Metropolis, especially with Superman MIA.  Time to call in the next best thing(s).

Meanwhile, Superman is discussing the theories of the DCU multiverse with (kind of)Jor-El.  It's a bit surreal since they are on an alternate earth, but It is always nice to see a Simulated Not-Father discuss "The Bleed" with an alternate version of his Son.  Then the shit hits the fan.  Lois may need a hug, but Superman may need more.  Why?  Because him and Lois run into their worst nightmare.  Worst Nightmare...Great cliffhanger.  If the last page doesn't make you want next week's issue right now, You ain't no friend of mine.

Agustine Padilla and Marcelo Di Chiara share the art duty this week again.  I am not a fan of the Lois and Clarke Alt-Earth art.  It's mainly Superman's look I don't like.  The Smallville Earth stuff looks great, though.  I also have to mention the cover which is another great job by Cat Staggs. I always love when a new round of her covers show up.

Bits and Pieces:

Bryan Q. Miller makes this a must read issue by giving the reader awesome guest stars.  While they may do little more than mug for the camera, them just being there is worth it alone.  While the art is a bit hit-and-miss, this issue (and book) continue to be among the DC Digital cream of the crop.  Actually, it's one of the best books in all comics, period.


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