Friday, July 18, 2014

Supergirl #33 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Tony Bedard
Art By: Jeff Johnson, Emanuela Lupacchino
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 16, 2014

Out Of The Red

Last issue of Supergirl we saw our Red Lantern Girl of Steel kicked out the Red Lantern Corps by Guy Gardner.  Well maybe kicked out is a little too harsh, she was politely asked to leave before the war with Atrocitus went down.  So pissed off she decided to go against Guy's advice to go to Mogo and headed back home to Earth.  But what she didn't know is that an army of World Killers set a trap for her and when it came down to her and their leader World Killer-1, we found out that the thing in control was the armor not the alien.  It was a kryptonian armor that wants to bond with Supergirl and the two fight into Earth's atmosphere that you readers of Superman will know is poisoned by a kryptonite bomb to repel all Kryptonians from Earth.  So the final battle with World Killer-1 is on and with it the final tale of Supergirl as a Red Lantern.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Supergirl and World Killer-1 continue fighting into Earth's atmosphere and as her powers fade because of the kryptonite poisoned air she realizes that she'll need to rely completely on her Red Lantern ring to get this job done.  So bring on the rage.

Now I always figured that the heat vision was purely part of her Kryptonian physiology, but she pulls that out of nowhere so I guess the ring can access that as a power as well as fire vomit.  The two crash land and Supergirl realizes that World Killer-1........ Yeah he's a bit of a dick so he chose the most crowded area to free fall on.  To prove his point that he seriously wants to bond with her, World Killer-1 bonds with a normal person and it's only a few minutes before that body burned out and he has to move on.  Apparently being bonded to the World Killer armor is the equivalent of looking into the Lost Ark of The Covenant, because that dude melted.

Because her body is failing Supergirl decides to come up with a plan other than punching and heat visioning.  She tells World Killer-1 that if he lets his latest host live, she'll allow it to bond with her.  As you can imagine it's a ruse and as the alien armor wraps around her she flies off to Kansas to where the Kryptonite bomb went off to soak in the most amount of fallout she can.  As Kara's body dies World Killer-1 feels the pain her body is experiencing and slides off her, now it's time for part two of the plan.  Get the hell out of there and fly to the sun as fast as possible.  But how the hell is Supergirl still alive since she just flew through the kryptonite equivalent of a nuclear bomb?  This makes the ending to Superman Returns make sense and nothing should ever allow that to happen.  I'm calling shenanigans!

In the end Supergirl flies up to the sun to get rejuvenated where World Killer-1 is right on her ass and as a final attempt to stop the near genocidal armor, Kara takes off the Red Lantern ring and kills herself.  The World Killer watches her fall into the sun and figures he'll just go after Superman now.  But here's round two of shenanigans because if Kryptonians weren't god like enough now we find out that the sun can instantly regrow a heart and resurrect a dead Kryptonian.  Hopefully you know that once you put on a red ring it completely replaces your heart with rage, so it makes sense that if the ring is removed the Lantern dies.  But apparently not if you're Kryptonian.  Shenanigans.  So Supergirl is back and throws World Killer-1 into the sun ending her time as a Red Lantern and stopping the threat of the World Killers.  Now's it's off to find some direction to this series.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'd like to say that the ending to the Red Daughter of Krypton story was well done and places our Girl of Steel into a new direction or any direction for that matter, I can't.  Hell I'd like to say that the ending was a little too convenient to get Supergirl out of the Red Lantern Corps, but I can't say that either.  The ending is ridiculous and doesn't make sense to me at all.  It was just another issue of Supergirl punching things and it appears that this story line did nothing for the character but give her a wardrobe change for awhile.  All you need to know is that all the bitching that people say about Kryptonians is true and they just might as well be immortal gods.



  1. When Supergirl allowed WK-1 to bond with her then she used the ring to fly through the green-K cloud, it was to make him feel her pain (and get weakened, too). Then she got the ring to take her to the sun. WK-1 then said that green-K doesn't affect me as much as it affects you. So she then took off the ring in hope that the shock would kill him, too. But he wasn't affected at all and he then threw her into the sun, saying that I must find Superman and bond with him. He figured that the sun would consume her body. Even she could barely think of saying goodbye to Kal as she fell. As he turned to leave, WK-1 saw what he thought was impossible, Supergirl had burst out of the sun, dressed in her old costume, ready to resume the fight. It was curtains for him and a new beginning for her. So she did not die several times in this issue, just come ever closer to the end before dropping into the sun and a seeming rebirth.

  2. Again she flew through a Kryptonite bomb. K being the thing that kills Kryptonians its strange to see her survive the experience. Then when she takes off the ring and dies, her heart is miraculously restored. I don't buy it. She's immortal and the only thing I see ever being able to take her down is Conner Macleod because there can be only one. I stand by my awful ending.statement.