Monday, January 30, 2017

Spider-Woman #15 Review + Spoilers - Marvel Monday

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Art: Rachelle Rosenburg, Veronica Fish
Cover: Javier Rodriguez
Letterer: VC's Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: January 25, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas

Business is Business


Since jumping back onto the Spider-Woman series I haven’t been let down. Dennis Hopeless seems to really understand this character and has done a great job juggling Jessica Drew's superhero life and being a mom at the same time. They last couple issues have focused on figuring out what happen to Porcupine who was blown up by Hobgoblin. Let’s jump in a see how things unfold moving forward. 

The issue starts out focusing on the missing conversation Hobgoblin and Porcupine had prior to his death. The dialogue Hobgoblin is given throughout this exchange quite eerie and comical. We get a sense Porcupine was ready to hand over the costume. Hobgoblin does a great job of playing it off as if he totally fine with Porcupine wanting to live a noncriminal life. As we know, Hobgoblin is going to play it cool and take out his anger later. 

We jump back to the present where Spider-Woman was facing off against a person dressed as Porcupine. At this point she has been wrecking shop, tearing through villains to get answers on Roger’s death. It doesn’t take her long to unmask this fraud and get info about Hobgoblin. 

This leads to her hauling ass on her motorcycle to track down Hobgoblin. He is one step ahead of her and sends his muscle to battle her. Although she’s outnumbered she has no problem taking down the first wave of villains before being knocked off her feet by Beetle. 

Just when you think the situation has gotten worse for Spider-Woman. None other than a clean cut Roger comes to give Spider-Woman some help kicking ass. Although Jessica and Roger a completely outnumbered, the villains take off to inform Hobgoblin of the revelation. 

This leads Jessica and Roger time to catch up. Roger explains that he wore a chest plant that was laying around the apartment. In turn which saved him from the majority of the blast. His face probably would’ve still been fried off. But hey it’s comics! Roger knew that Jessica would go full Death Wish and come at Hobgoblin hard. So he decided to clean himself up and keep an eye on Jessica as she wrecked shop and would only appear when she needed help the most. 

The emotional tension has been high between Jessica and Roger throughout the past few issues. It all builds up to this moment. Deservedly so, the two finally share a kiss to break the awkward tension. 

Unfortunately, their moment is cut short when Hobgoblin appears and the issue ends with Roger being taken away. 

This series continues to be a well written and drawn comic from this creative team. Dennis Hopeless really knows how to build real emotion between two characters. There is the perfect mix of storytelling and action throughout to keep your eyes peeled. No one ever stays dead in comics forever. But in this case, the execution of the plot was well played. If you’ve been following this series I’m sure you've been waiting for Jessica and Roger to finally have their moment together, I know I was. I’m glad this arc isn’t over just yet. I want to see Jessica Drew kick some more ass before this all ends. This has been the only Spider related title which has not crossed over with the Clone Conspiracy and I’m thankful for that, thank you, Marvel. A lot of the time tie-in issues can take away momentum from the main story being told. I can’t recommend this title enough. 

Bits and Pieces:

Another great issue that never seems to slow down. There are great character moments and more of Spider-Woman kicking butt. Dennis Hopeless continues to provide the perfect amount of action, comedy, and drama that’ll keep you locked into the story telling. Just when you think things are looking up for Spider-Woman, you’re knocked back down a few pegs. One of the best ongoing Marvel series that should be on everyone’s radar! 


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