Monday, January 30, 2017

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #10 Review

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #10

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Art Team: Gurihiru
Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 18, 2017
Price: $3.99

Gwen Poole going solo in Gwenpool?!

If you’re visiting this website you sign-up for goofy nonsense and shenanigans by the boat load and nobody responsible for content here apologizes for that.  One of the Marvel Comics that I feel has really encapsulated the audience of this site well is the Unbelievable Gwenpool, because it too is filled with not only an enjoyable story, but plenty of goofy nonsense and shenanigans too go around, that I for one can really get behind. So as the conclusion to the second arc wraps up we’ll find out what’s in store for the future of Gwenpool, her intriguing team of Merc’s, and not to mention this brand new army she’s stumbled onto last issue … let’s get busy shall we!

This issue opens with old couples doing what old couples do and discussing what they are going to eat for lunch … I’m guessing it must be 9:30 am roughly based off this conversation alone.  Their nice day is suddenly interrupted by Gwenpool driving, the team M.O.D.A.K. base, down a suburb street in Anytown, USA , in an attempt to rescue her friends/teammates from the alien race who’ve kidnapped them.  Gwen’s attempt at rescue concerns everyone equally aliens, teammates, Doombot’s, readers, and old people alike.

Gwenpool requests the aliens release her friends from custody, in response to the request the aliens release their invisibility cloaks from their hovering alien spacecraft above the neighborhood, and it looks like the two factions are preparing for war … if only Gwenpool actually knew how to arm her ‘battle mode’.  After a little comedic chatter, and a little help from her ghost companion, our ‘hero’ is able to arm the battlestation all before both sides are simutaniously inturuted by the Doom-bot financing team M.O.D.A.K.’s entire operation.  

Nobody in these three parties present see eye to eye here, but the Doombot wanting nobody hurt asks them to take the fight out of the neighborhood. However the formally hired visiting alien’s don’t play nice. The end result of this standoff? The Doombot fires at the aliens who are ruining the truce, saving Gwen’s teammates in the process, then this crazy robot runs around like a maniac to make sure there is as little collateral damage, and NO lives lost in the process throughout this fight.
As the aliens unleash guns ablaze on Gwen’s “vechicle-base” she decides now is the time to bust out her ‘secret weapon’, her Gwenpool Army!  These henchmen, she discovered in the base last issue, are all dressed in Gwenpool duds, and take out any ground forces the aliens have remaining, but not before they also put the base out of commission as it heads falling towards ground level. The Doombot, once again saves the day, as he rescuses the only neighbors who didn’t get the code red warning in the neighborhood, as Gwenpool ejects while the rest of her team slips off to safety. 

The issue concludes as Gwen’s team discusses what they are to do next.  The surprise of the issue comes as the majority of the team decides the best course of action since they are wanted by police, have no money, no base anymore, no boss, and no jobs lined up will be to go on their separate ways despite Gwenpool’s obvious objection to the matter. As Gwenpool sits down broken hearted, Ronnie is her only consolation, promising her she still has her to lean on for work. Gwen in response quickly asks for “the most insane, self-destructive, *$@%#, stupid, dangerous, job you’ve got” as the issue concludes.
Gwenpool continues to be a more than satisfying monthly title to follow and overall has managed to put together two very solid arcs building on each other.  Christopher Hastings has a book I will happily follow as long as Marvel lets him continue to put it out, together with Gurihiru on art, it remains on the top of my read pile whenever my order eventually comes in each month. I’ve said it ten times running now that Gwenpool is a book you need to follow, set your stigma of what you think it is and what it's about aside, you'll enjoy it trust me.

Bits and Pieces

The second arc of Gwenpool concludes with the patented comedy it’s known for now just with a touch of feeling in the end this time which was unexpected and very welcome. The conclusion sets our ‘hero’ up for step two of her journey into the Marvel Universe and I continue to look forward to what will be in store for our hero.


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