Thursday, February 2, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 2/1/17

It's Been a Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You

Sorry there was no "Best Covers" list last week, it was a short week for me and in a rush to get my other comics work done, I neglected this. Luckily, no comic books shipped with covers last week! So that was a lucky break. What's what? You say last week's comics did have covers? Well sucks to your asthmar! I'm sure the covers last week were splendid, but let's not dwell in the past! Take a look at what DC Comics covers are indubitably the best for this week!
Batman #16 variant
Tim Sale
I just love seeing Batman n' the Boys all together. Wayne may not have added Jason Todd to the family portrait, but Tim Sale added him here! This is a fairly dynamic cover that moves brusquely from left to right. My only critique is that there may be more negative space than needed to achieve this effect.

Justice League #14 variant
Yanick Panquette and Nathan Fairbairn
I suppose this picture is supposed to be reassuring, but it fairly well frightens the bejeezus out of me. "We are in control of your planet. Do not resist." I love the clean lines and the way Panquette renders every hero--Superman, in particular. The composition of this cover wins the day.

Midnighter and Apollo #5
This could be a scene from a Western movie, if not for the giant rib bones and Spandex-costumed superhero in the background. The juxtaposition of Midnighter's legs and Apollo's crouching body makes for a very tight image. With Midnighter clutching his mask, this is a self-contained story in a cover, about which you want to know more. Success.

Aquaman #16 variant
Joshua Middleton
I know that, even during a week of middling covers, if Aquaman is in the stack then I can count on Josh Middleton's variant to make the list. And such is the case here. And this isn't even his fifth best cover, it's just a solid image that implies more than it shows. Namely, Arthur suffers from terrible sinus headaches.

Green Lanterns #16
James Harren
This cover I absolutely love--and not just because Batman is on it! Though that helps. The composition of the fake bats and the human characters, Batman's cap flapping almost perpendicular to his body--even the all-green bats make this a really pleasant image. Plus, I have always loved when a Green Lantern (or two) teams up with Batman, it's always hilarious. And often involves punching.


  1. Yay! Tim Sale's batman has no tits

  2. Haha they had the Sale cover in my pile I put it back I can't deal with his versions off the family anymore , I wish they'd let someone new do it. Love the Lanterns one

  3. I also love seeing Batman's cap flapping.