Tuesday, October 26, 2021

DC vs. Vampires #1 Review


Who Ordered the Bored

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, James Tynion IV
Artist: Otto Schmidt
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 26, 2021

I am not a horror comic type of guy, but the DCU going up against vampires?  Yea, you have my interest, especially with this first issue coming out the week of Halloween.  Now, I'm not sure how it will play by next July, but that's future problems there.  What matters is now, and while this start isn't as bombastic and cool as I was hoping, we have a long road ahead of us.  Let me explain...

The issue opens with a High Plains Drifter walking towards the Hall of Justice while we get narration introducing the character Andrew Bennett (of I, Vampire fame) right before he runs into problems... Vampire Problems!

I'll admit, this opening didn't grab my attention.  Why start with after-the-fact narration that is way more boring than actually seeing what it is going on about? We do eventually get to see it, but why wait?  

The story continues with Andrew being saved by Hal Jordan and Zan of the Wonder Twins, and after a bit of comedy relief that did not fit here at all, we find out that the world's Vampires have taken down the Legion of Doom and have bigger plans in mind.  It jumps back and forth between Andrew talking and flashback scenes, which slows down the story's overall pace.  Some big things are going on here, but it didn't leave me excited at all.

Without spoiling the big moments, we find that everything isn't as it seems and that the Vampires are already taking over some significant characters.  After an overlong explanation of how the vampire thing works with a particular character (seriously, you don't have to get that deep into it), we see that after all is said and done, Lex Luther might be the one who saves the DCU.  I can always get behind that, but I won't be around to see it if things don't improve quickly here.

Nothing in this first issue grabbed me, and I was left feeling bored by the end.  The whole thing felt too familiar and generic compared to stuff like DCeased, and with Task Force Z out the same week, I think the zombies win the first round.  I usually like Otto Schmidt's art, but it felt drab and lifeless here, no pun intended.

Bits and Pieces:

DC vs. Vampires #1 didn't do it for me.  I was bored throughout, from the slow pacing to the drab art. Of course, this is only the start so things can change for the better,  but my first impression was not good.



  1. Drab art? You shouldn’t be reviewing comics lol!

    1. You're right, I'll just make anonymous comments on other people's sites from now on, asshole!!!!!!! I don't like this art at all and half of it being bathed in red made it even worse!

    2. As I said, I usually like Otto Schmidt but this is lacking backgrounds in a ton of panels and while it's a stylistic choice, a large chunk of the issue is red, which makes it all blend together. I actually went back to look through it again to see if I was just missing something, and I think it's more drab than I thougt at first.