Monday, March 24, 2014

Adventures of Superman #48 Review

Written by: Joe Keatinge
Art  by: Tula Lotay and Jason Shawn Alexander
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 24, 2014

It's the End of the Universe as We Know It

Adventures of Superman is great because it lets writers and artists a chance to give readers various tales of the Man of Steel and maybe even their favorite villains and characters as well.  We have even had some surprises along the way.  Then when a creative team is done, we get a new one the next week.  For Superman fans it is a treat.

Joe Keatinge has used his opportunity to show us that Superman is timeless and always there for us.  What started out as a walk down memory lane for the last astronaut on Earth, Kamandi, has turned into much, much more.  I just wish Ming Doyle and David Williams were there for the ending.

The Universe is ending and Kamandi is saying goodbye to the last man alive, Superman.  However, we quickly learn that there are multiple Supermen.  Enough Supermen to watch over the entire Universe throughout it's existence.  With that existence ending, these Supermen are coming together to save it once more.  It's not where I thought it was going, but when it ended I loved it.  It puts Superman in a bigger light than he usually is in and that's saying something.  The ending is also a beginning that ties the loose end of the missing spaceship from the first issue of the arc in an unexpected way.  Kudos to Keatinge for taking a chance because it paid off.

The art of Tula Lotay and Jason Shawn Alexander is really good, it's just odd that Ming Doyle and David Williams couldn't finish what they started.

Bits and Pieces:

Adventures of Superman #48 was a really good ending of Joe Keatinge's arc.  Superman is timeless and always there and Keatinge, Lotay and Alexander (and Doyle and Williams) give us a glimpse of how great the Man of Steel really is. This has been one of the strangest tales this series has had and I for one am glad a book like this gives it the platform to be told.



  1. Actually, it was the god Anu that Superman was talking to. Superman was telling Anu the Kamandi story. It was a bit confusing to me at first too.

    1. You are right...good call. That makes it a bit less confusing. I liked the issue but it was pretty strange.