Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading First Contact? Well Suck It!

Do you know what happens when you don't do your homework?  You're completely unprepared, and look
like a jerk.  So there I am opening up my Worlds' Finest #21, and I'm baffled when I see that it's part 4, and some life altering comic book shit is going down.  So I went back and did my homework and found out that First Contact's order is all screwed up.  Batman/Superman #9 which is part 3 of the story, is now pushed back to April 23rd, and here I am left sitting with a part 4, and without a clue on how we got here.

I decided since I can't get the full story in the right order, that I'm just going to wait.  I SPOIL the shit out of comics, and I don't want anyone to accidentally look up the review, and there I am screwing up the story for anyone who's interested.  So I'm going to wait until Part 3 of the crossover comes out, and read and review the issues back to back.  Sorry for the delay, but for once it's not my fault.  We're both on the losing end, and I expect you to do the same as me, and bitch to whoever will listen.  That is all.

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