Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trinity Of Sin: Pandora #9 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Ray Fawkes 
Art By: Francis Portela
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 19, 2014

Uber Faust!

Last issue of Forever Evil: Blight, Nick Necro saw the future, and witnessed the monster that's following the Crime Syndicate.  Through this sight to the future Necro realized that Zatanna will die, unless Constantine, or Necro himself dies before the event.  So the battle to save Zatanna's future begins.  The two tussle, and in the end Constantine get's sent to hell, but not before throwing a energy blade through Nick's chest.  So it seems that the two are done, really done, let's hope that doesn't have any consequences for Zatanna.  So let's dive back in, and see if Pandora, Phantom Stranger, Cassandra Craft, and the son's of Trigon will succeed in stopping Felix Faust, and taking down Project Thaumaton.

Explain It!:

The issue begins with Felix Faust freaking out because all the binding spells that were holding the machine together are failing.  This is when he realizes that Necro has died, and since they were his spells this is looking like a bad day.  But that is the least of his worries.  During Necro and Constantine's fight, Necro had taken control of Swamp Thing, now that he's dead, we have the avatar of the green raging out, and tearing Nanda Parbat apart.  It's time for Faust to take control of the situation.  He orders his demons to load Black Orchid into the machine, and they fire the energy at Swamp Thing.  Looks like Project Thaumaton is a heavy hitter because Swamp Thing goes down fast.  Let's check in on our favorite brash Brit, who's taking the expressway down to his eternity.

While Constantine's falling we see a gigantic demon that looks like the winged monster that took the box at the end of Hellraiser, and don't tell me you haven't seen that flick, that would be ridiculous to say.  Don't think Constantine is down for the count though, don't forget that since he's on a team, he's got backup.  Zauriel followed Constantine down to rescue him, and slays the demon.  I don't know the rules of everything but I guess angels don't need wings to fly, since Faust tore his off a couple issues ago.  But Constantine is saved, and it's back to the world of the living.

Back at Nanda Parbat Pandora and the rest of her team? cohorts?  Well Stranger, Craft, the demons, and Pandora bust in the joint to stop Faust, but they're too late.  Faust has downloaded all the magical knowledge and ability of all his captives, and placed it into his noggin.  So now he's kind of a big deal, and it doesn't look good for the JLD.  With all the magical mojo Faust has now, he's got a little insight.  Think back to the Trinity War.  Remember when Outsider told the collective Justice Leagues that only someone from Earth 3 could open Pandora's Box, and then he let the Crime Syndicate through?  Well that's always bothered me, because they never talked about how Pandora opened it in the first place.  Well Faust tells us that Pandora is not of this world, so it looks like she might be from Earth 3 as well, hopefully this will be talked about further in future issues.

In the end Faust subdues all the mages of the DCU, and plans on rebuilding the machine himself, and then entering an age of intellect, free from outsiders, and anyone that is not of this earth.  But during his monologuing he didn't realize that Constantine was behind him.  John knocks him out, and likes the tune that Faust was playing.  Only he plans on taking over the Project Thaumaton himself.  Come back next week for the conclusion to Forever Evil: Blight, in Justice League Dark #29.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

I bitched and I bitched during the middle of Forever Evil: Blight, but now that the end is coming, the momentum is building, and I'm being taken for a hell of a ride.  It really is a surprise to see this story grabbing me again, and all I can say is "bravo".  Even though it's a bit late in the game, if you haven't been reading this, go and get your back issues, and get on the trolley.  We have one issue left in JLD #29, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out leading to Forever Evil #7.  So go check it out.


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