Thursday, March 27, 2014

Talon #17 Review

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Jorge Lucas
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 26, 2014

Murder Buddha

Calvin Rose's tale of rebellion and redemption versus the Court of the Owls has been a highlight of the New 52 for me.  Actually, to be quite honest, it was a highlight up until the end of the first arc.  Since then (issue 8 and beyond) it has been an average book at best.  I thought it lost it's direction and focus, adding unnecessary characters and villains in an attempt to spice things up.  This issue is the last of the series and while I'm sad to see it go I was hoping for a good finale.

Calvin and Anya are searching for Ra's al Ghul's Lazurus Pits.  Calvin wants to be mortal again and finally be free of the Court of Owl's curse.  This search has lead them face to face with Lord Death Man and Dr, Darrk.  Lord Death Man is the star here, but "too much of a good thing" quicky comes to mind.  He is a hilarious, evil parody of a villain who speaks in sing song gibberish and is proud of his Pokemon knowledge. He is insane and it's great in small doses.  Unfortunately, this dose is of the larger variety.

Dr. Darrk is an average villain with ties to Anya's family.  While not as fun as Lord Death Man, he has important ties to Ra's al Ghul especially where cloning a certain dead Robin is concerned.  I like how it ties into the current Batman and Robin storyline.

Where this issue succeeds are bits like this.  Loose ends from the book are tied together and it fits into the greater DCU.  I was not so impressed with the story, but I always like seeing a book fit into the larger world. In the end, Calvin gets what he wants; friends, family and the ability to die.  Some people wish for the craziest things.

Something I wished for was for Jorge Lucas to handle art duties on this book.  I loved what he did on the Court of Owls Villains' Month issue and couldn't wait for him to join the book.  He did, but I have liked the arty of each new issue a bit less than the previous.  This issue is the worst he has done.  Not horrible, but not good either.

Bits and Pieces:

Talon #17 is an OK ending to a really good book.  Though I thought Talon lost it's focus a while back, I still think it was a highlight of the New 52.  This issue ties up some loose ends and ties it in with the greater DCU. I just wish the story and art were as strong as Calvin and company deserved.


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