Monday, March 24, 2014

Justice League Beyond 2.0 #16 Review

Written by: Christos Gage
Art by: Iban Coello
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 22, 2014

End User

Brainiac has met the Justice League on Paradise Island and the League still has the odds stacked against them.  However, last issue's cliffhanger is ready for action and Brainiac is in trouble.  The Battle ends with kisses, tears and a really pissed off Superman.

Justice League Beyond 2.0 has become one of my favorite books.  I'll admit it, I started reading the book because I like Christos Gage and it's a companion to Batman Beyond 2.0.  Well, I'm glad I gave it a chance because I love it.  This Brainiac arc has been so good and now the final issue is upon us and I'm happy to tell you, it was worth the wait.

Christos Gage has done such a good job with the varied cast of the Justice League and it all leads to this issue.  The cowards have all fled, some heroes have fallen and the remaining are giving it all they've got. The battle is on Paradise Island so it's not a huge surprise who shows up, but it's awesome all the same.  It turns the tide of the battle, but it still takes everyone to win it.   By everyone I mean everyone.  Even characters who may have died or were turned bad by Brainiac.  In fact, it's these characters that make this issue so good.  I don't want to spoil anything, but those reading this arc will be very happy.

Stories like these usually end with some tears for the fallen and some celebration of the battle won and this does have that.  Then Gage hits us suddenly and hard.  Superman doesn't celebrate, but instead sets up the next arc before you can say, "Justice Lords".  Awesome.

The only real problem I had was the lack of Zod.  I really hoped the little guy would get some resolution and maybe prove himself to the League fully.  He's already a hero to me, but tell that to Warhawk.

What I never have a problem with is Iban Coello's art.  It's great as usual, especially the newly arrived character and the formally bad one.  Everything else looks great as well.

Bits and Pieces:

Justice League Beyond 2.0 #16 is a great resolution to the Brainiac War and even sets up the next arc as well.  Christos Gage and Iban Coello continue to give readers a great book with unique characters and great action. Highly recommended.



  1. I have bought all the Batman Beyond Universe comics and it is definitely one of the best bang for your bang kind of deal with both Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond in one issue.

    1. I do read them digitally so I was wondering how they set up the "universe" book. Is it split in half between batman and justice league or do they flip flop between batman then justice league and then back to batman?

      I started as a bigger batman beyond fan, but Christos Gage has really made me a fan of Justice League Beyond