Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #29 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 19, 2014

The Wrath Of God's People

Here we are, God Killers part 2.  Last issue Kyle, Carol, and the Templar Guardians found themselves a
planet where a new religion has come, and split the people between believers, and non believers.  Of course Kyle jumped the gun, and resorted to smiting the non-believers, but you gotta cut him some slack, because they were about to smite the believers.  But all the fighting stopped, when the actual god of the religion of Light and Fire; X'Hal, showed up.  Now it's time to see what a god is all about, and hope Kyle doesn't resort back to the smite.

Explain It!:

In the beginning we start out seeing the origin of X'Hal's herald Kaland'R,  We see how her people worshipped X'Hal, and even when she left that planet, they build star ships to follow.  The people followed her throughout space as long as they could, and eventually landed on a harsh planet, when they couldn't follow anymore.  Kaland'R grew up there hearing the stories of X'Hal, but it was hard for her to believe in a god, when all she saw was pain, and horror, that is until the day X'Hal returned to her people.  X'Hal's light cured them of there illnesses, pains, and emptiness, and when she turned that world into a paradise, she asked that her people spread the word of her Light and Fire.  Oh here we go, bunch of aliens knocking on your door, asking you if you've accepted the Light and Fire as your savior.  Bah.   So with a little bit of X'Hal's power, that's what she did, and here we are.  X'Hal has shown up, and Kyle, Carol, and the Templar Guardians want to know her intentions, and make sure she isn't going to kill everyone who didn't have faith in the Light and Fire.

At first it seems a little sketchy because she creates a giant thrown that looks a bit like a giant hourglass, and plans on reshaping this world for the better with her Light and Fire.  Kyle is pretty sure that seems like a bad thing, but Kaland'R plans on showing him X'Hal's true intentions.  The two fly away, while Carol, and the Templar Guardians keep an eye on this fiery god.  Kaland'R explains that the light of her god can accelerate the planet's natural process, and make crop yields much larger, and faster.  She can also cleanse the water, and take away disease.  Well all that seems on the up and up, but it doesn't look like she'll get the chance.  The God Killers have come looking for X'Hal.

We find out that the God Killers come from the same planet as X'Hal, and we find out her godly origin.  A species came to their world, and tortured, and experimented on it's people.  But in X'Hal they found what they were looking for.  I'm guessing a meta gene, and X'Hal was reborn in fire, and power.  She drove the other species away form their world, and was celebrated as a god.  On her world everyone worshiped her for the miracles she gave the planet, but when the species returned, in her rage and fear, she destroyed her own world.  The people who survived became the God Killers, and sought her out ever since.  In the end a army of God Killers descend on the planet, and attack X'Hal.  See, look what happens when religion comes a calling.

Bits and Pieces:

New Guardians has certainly taken a step away from the normal kind of Lantern story, but that isn't a bad thing.  Jordan is throwing at us story after story about opinions on right and wrong, morality, and what one generally should and shouldn't do with power, and I'm really digging it.  God Killers is an excellent story so far, and I'm really interested to see where it will go.  Check it out.


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