Sunday, March 23, 2014

Animal Man #29 Review

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Travel Foreman and Jeff Lemire
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 19, 2014

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Animal Man has been one of the New 52's best books.  Jeff Lemire wove a tale of adventure, tragedy and most of all, family.  It has been both uplifting and heartbreaking and now it is ending.  Jeff Lemire announced a couple months ago that issue #29 would be the end and that the final issue would reunite him with Travel Foreman for one last go.  The end is here and it is both uplifting and heartbreaking...go figure.

Last month's issue of Animal Man tied up the book fairly well, bringing most of the loose ends together in a very satisfying ending.  So what do Lemire and Foreman have for us this month?  Pretty much a near perfect book that will leave fans with a lump in their throats and a tear in their eye.  

Buddy makes peace with the Red and sets up the new totems.  He agrees to be the Avatar, but only on his terms.  Family is first and he is trying his best to ensure their safety. Of course he makes promises that he probably can't keep, but for now everything is good.

The book at this point is also good.  Then it takes a turn down awesome street and makes a stop at one for the ages avenue.  Maxine tells Buddy a goodnight story.  A fairy tale about a Princess and her Daddy.  For those with the Baker Family from the beginning, it is a perfect ending.  Maxine may be a little girl, but she is wise beyond her years and also so, so, sweet.  

We finally get some closure on Cliff, but closure doesn't mean it's not heart breaking.  It is, by the way.  After the story is done, Buddy says goodnight to Maxine, Ellen and in a great tip of the hat to the last annual, says goodnight to Cliff.  No dry eyes in the room after this one folks.

The art is shared between Travel Foreman and Jeff Lemire.  It's all awesome, especially Lemire's fairy tale part.  It's not just the pictures on the page, but the emotions they give.  They are perfect for Maxine's words and fit better than most art I've seen in a long time.  Those fans of Sweet Tooth will be right at home and very, very happy.

The book does end with one loose end, but that will lead Buddy Baker to Justice League United where Lemire can explore it some more.  This book was always about family and ends with all the right notes in that regard.

Bits and Pieces:

Animal Man #29 is a great ending for longtime fans of the book.  Lemire and Foreman give readers everything they could ask for and more.  If you don't shed a tear by the end, you have no soul.  


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