Monday, March 24, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays 3/24/14

As you all know, or at least should know, Spring was sprung last Thursday.  That little bit of information is
enough to pick most people's spirits up, so let's try to put a stop to that.  For this Just For The Hell Of It Monday, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm going to give you a little bit of green to go with Spring.  What kind of green you ask.  Well the type that's most important to the DCU, and has to deal with spring. ( Damn DC's lousy with green.) So for your enjoyment, or utter depression, this week I'll show you what happens to Swamp Thing when he enters the small screen in live action, and in animation formats.  It's just awful.  Either it's boring as hell, or it's a jumbled nonsense that takes the song "Wild Thing", and makes it more ridiculous, check it out after the break.  Have a good week, and I hope to bring you something better next week, but better could mean worse too.  Boosh!

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