Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Red Lanterns #29 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: Alessandro Vitti
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 26, 2014

Teenage Rage-ahol!

Okay we're finally moving forward.  This issue takes place after the Green Lantern/Red Lantern flipbook, where we saw our angry young Supergirl with a Red Lantern ring.  It went from the Green Lanterns finding her, to them taking her to the Red Lanterns, and then throwing her into a magical blood pool.  You know pretty normal stuff.  So thanks to the magical blood pool, Kara isn't insane anymore, and we can get on with the Red Daughter of Krypton story.  Well we can get on, but Guy Gardner is still worried about what kind of power a Kryptonian will have with a rage ring, and even more worried about what kind of rage Superman will have once he finds out his young cousin, has banded with a group who's leader looks like a ginger Hobo With A Shotgun.  Let's go down to Ysmault, and see what's going down.

Explain It!:

Imagine if you will, you're you.  Still with me?  Good.  You're you, and you hang out with the same couple guys on a empty planet, with magical blood pools.  You'd get pretty fucking bored right?  So you'll understand, now that Supergirl is around, you'd try some crazy shit to keep yourself, and your madball looking best friend entertained.  Too bad on Ysmault they don't have urban surfing, so Skallox has had this alien missile launcher sitting around, because he didn't have anything worth shooting it at, but Kara being invulnerable seems like the perfect target.  Don't go getting upset, he had her consent.  So the missiles fly, and Kara takes them all down, but using the ring gets your blood pumping, so she kept smashing until the launcher was destroyed as well.  There goes that fun.  Off to the Red Lantern bar, to drink the boredom away.  We get a small interaction with Guy telling Kara she's too young to drink, and what is Kara's reaction to everything for the past two years?  Say it with me now.  Anger.  Yes anger is the correct answer.  Guy decides it's time to change the subject, and get some help in dealing with a teenage girl, so it's off to patrol sector 2814, and you know that means Earth.

Alright so back on Earth, Guy Gardner tells ZZ, and Skallox to keep Supergirl busy, so he can go find someone.  That someone being the only person who should be able to help in this situation; Superman.  Guy finds him in Indonesia, helping people escape a tsunami that's on it's way.  Guy helps out, and tries to ease Superman into the idea of Kara as a Red, but before he can casually bring it up in conversation, Kara comes down pissed as usual.  At first the conversation is pretty tame, until the notion that she can't ever take the ring off comes up.  Apparently nobody told her about not having a heart anymore.  So rage-ahol is on the menu again.  Kara hits Superman with a freighter, and then blows off the rest of her steam by heat visioning the tsunami.  To give you a little bit of info into how much of a little snot Kara has become since the New 52 started, Superman gives up on her.  He tells her, he's tried to help, but it all just leads to her being angry, and maybe the best place for her is with the Reds.  Image how bad you have to be for Superman to give up on you.  It's ridiculous.  

In the end Superman gives Guy the kind of threats a big brother gives to his little sister's first date, and says he'll be checking in on them.  When the gang gets back to Ysmault, they find a huge crater, inside is a injured Bleez, who has finally made it back with her warnings about Atrocitus.  Come back next month to see if Atrocitus rears his ugly head.  Or maybe it's continued in Supergirl?  Well check both, I enjoy your company.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

At first I thought that Kara becoming a Red Lantern was just a gimmicky story to have a bit of fun.  But after reading this issue I'm starting to wonder if this is a intervention tale instead, to get our Girl of Steel back on track, and back in the heart's of her fans.  Throughout the New 52, Supergirl has been panned about her anger, and that the Kara we all new and loved had been replaced with a angry snot of a teenager.  So if her whole new history is of her being angry, this is a good way to finally work through her rage, and get her back to where she should be.  Now all we need is a Blue Lantern.  An excellent issue, and if I'm right about this being an intervention story, it will all lead to great things, but until then sit back, relax, and pour yourself a tall pint of rage-ahol.  Have yourself some fun, and check it out.


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