Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Look And A New Creative Team For Batgirl #35

Well it certainly seems like there's a shakeup at DC Comics with all the new titles being dropped, all the new creative teams being announced and it looks like Bagirl is getting the same treatment.  MTV News without my teenage informer Kurt Loder has announced today that Gail Simone is moving on from the Batgirl title to work on another unannounced DC property.  Her replacements will be the writing team of Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher, while a unknown artist Babs Tarr will debut on the title starting with issue #35.  So brand new creative team, and with that a brand new look for our *insert Batgirl nickname here*.  Yes the team will be getting rid of all of Barbara Gordon's belongings in a fire, forcing the hero to start again with a more realistic cost effective costume.  This team is going to have big shoes to fill with Simone's departure and I hope they're up to the challenge of changing the minds of a legion of committed stubborn fans just like me.

All this before Comic Con, I have to wonder what will be left for DC to announce when they get to San Diego.  Also I have to wonder what the New 52 will look like after the titles dramatically change in October.

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