Monday, July 7, 2014

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #2 Review

Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco
Art by: Art Baltazar
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 2. 2014

Treehouse of Solitude

It's time for another all ages fun time with the Tiny Titans.  Seriously, after reviewing all the dark books on my plate each month, it's so nice to sit down and have some fun.  I'm no soothsayer, but if you you have a heart I predict you'll love this book.

Last month the Titans' find out Brainiac 5 and Psimon miniaturized their Treehouse to get their "Brainiac Club Shrinking Badges".  It was as fun as it sounds.  This month continues the search for a new Treehouse and it's off to North Pole.  You know what would make this book even better?  Blue beetle and his talking backpack, that's what.  Beetle is always hilarious and so is his backpack.  It talks in code, but Baltazar and Franco give the reader a key to figure out what he's saying.  How awesome is that?

The Gang is at the North Pole looking for the Fortress of Solitude and they eventually find it.  Of course, Superman is there and he's such a nice big cousin.  However, he has to go for a bit to help Jimmy Olsen who is in an appropriate Golden Age situation .  Oh, Jimmy and his shenanigans.  This little bit shows why this book works so well.  The younger audience get to laugh at the wacky fun, while the older readers can shake their heads and reminisce at all the trouble Jimmy used to cause.

The Titans then get a whose who of Superman villains.  Brainiac, Bizarro, Match and...Duckzarro.  Yes, my new favorite character. Superman finally returns and helps them create a new Treehouse of Solitude.  Unfortunately, it's not a lasting solution.

Art Baltazar and Franco hit another home run.  Yes, it seems like a pattern is developing that will lead the Titans to a new DC Hero each month, but I'm fine with that.  Their writing and Baltazar's art makes it well worth reading no matter what happens.  This book is so good to introduce the DCU to a younger audience and fun for longtime fans as well.

Bits and Pieces:

If you are looking for a fun, all ages comic that kids and adults can both enjoy, then this is the book for you.  Art Baltazar and Franco's love of the material comes through in every panel and it's infectious.  I smiled the whole way through and i'm still smiling.  Highly Recommended.


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